Law and Order: SVU Ultimate Trivia

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It's pretty hard...only take if you've seen most of the show and/or are an avid fan!

  • 1
    Season One: What is the name of the series premiere?
  • 2
    Who stalked Detective Benson in the episode Stalked?
  • 3
    In the episode ...Or Just Look Like One, what is wrong with Maureen?

  • 4
    Which psychiatrist conducts the evaluations in the episode Slaved?
  • 5
    Season Two: After the psychiatric evaluations, which two detectives are put under watch?
  • 6
    In the season premiere, Wrong is Right, two characters join the team. Who are they?

  • 7
    In the episode Manhunt, what country do Munch, Tutuola, and Cabot travel to?
  • 8
    Why couldn't Cabot prosecute the rapist in the episode Scrouge?
  • 9
    Season Three: Why, in the episode Wrath, does Benson become angry at Stabler?
  • 10
    In the episode Tangled, a cat becomes crucial to the investigation. While the cat's owner calls her Chloe, the SVU team calls her -

  • 11
    In the episode Guilt, what amendment does Cabot violate?
  • 12
    In the episode Competence, the victim, Katy, suffers from what disease?
  • 13
    Season Four: In the premiere Chameleon, what happens to the rapist in the end?
  • 14
    Which actor joins the cast as a regular in Season Four?
  • 15
    In Fallacy, Cabot claims the only reason Morty Borger became a lawyer is to what?
  • 16
    What famous actor guest stars in the episode Futility?

  • 17
    Season Five: Why does ADA Cabot leave the team in the episode Loss?
  • 18
    In the episode Serendipity, Casey Novak joins the SVU team. The actress who plays her (Diane Neal) appeared as a rapist in what episode from season three?
  • 19
    In the episode Mean, it is discovered that which SVU character has a September birthday?
  • 20
    In the episode Poison, which judge does Novak publicly humiliate?

  • 21
    Season Six: Which ER actress guest stars in the episode Debt?
  • 22
    In the episode Ghost, former ADA Cabot returns after living in Wisconsin under the alias -?
  • 23
    In the episode Pure, Sister Peg is kidnapped because -?
  • 24
    Why, in the episode Night, does the case get handed over to Tracy Kibre?
  • 25
    Season Seven: Which character becomes the eighth member of the regular team?

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