Little House On The Prairie 5th Season Quiz
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Little House On The Prairie 5th Season Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how much of season 5 you have watched

Question 1:In the episode called As Long As We're Together, poor economic conditions force the Ingalls family to move closer to Mary in Winoka, Dakota. It is here where they meet a boy and eventually adopt him. What is his name?
Albert Quinn
Albert Ingalls
John Albert
James Albert
Albert James

Question 2:In the episode called The Man Inside, what was the name of the overweight man working in the blind school?
Mr. Stevens
Mr. Bevens
Mr. Sevens
Mr. Blevens
Mr. Levens

Question 3:In the episode called Harriet's Happenings, Harriet Oleson write a gossip column in the local newspaper. She calls a new immigrant family in town 'illiterate' because they can not read English but can read their native language. What is their native language?

Question 4:In the episode called The Wedding, Mary and Adam get married. What happens the day before the wedding?
Large snow storm
Large dust storm
Large rain storm
Large hail storm
The blind school gets robbed and they take Mary's dress

Question 5:In the episode called Men Will Be Boys, Charles and John Garvey decide to let their sons prove their manhood by letting them hike to Sleepy Eye by themselves to retrieve an item for Charles. Charles and John secretly follow the boys to make sure they are safe. What item did the boys need to pick up?
A ring
A riffle
A watch
A jacket
A letter

Question 6:In the episode called The Cheaters, who are the cheaters?
Laura and Andy
Nellie and Andy
Albert and Andy
Albert and Nellie
Laura and Nellie

Question 7:In the episode called Blind Journey, who accompanies Charles, Joe Kagan, Hester Sue and the blind back to Walnut Grove from Winoka?
Mr. Oleson
Mr. Edwards
Mrs. Oleson

Question 8:In the episode called The Craftsman, which one of the children become close to the old Jewish craftsman named Issac?

Question 9:In the episode called Blind Mans Bluff, a boy has an accident and pretends to be blind. Why does he do it?
To get attention
To get as much candy and sweets as he wants
To keep his parents from divorcing
Because he wants to go to the blind school to be near a pretty girl
So he doesn't have to go to school

Question 10:In the episode called The Enchanted Cottage, Mary can start to distinguish light from dark. Laura and Albert decide to paint Mr. Edwards old house for Mary and Adam to live in once Mary's sight returns. In the end it is found that Marys sight will not return. What colors did Laura and Albert paint the house?
Pink and Purple
Pink and Blue
Purple and Orange
Pink and Gold
Orange and Red

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