Ultimate Lizzie McGuire Trivia Test
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Ultimate Lizzie McGuire Trivia Test

Do you really know Lizzie and the gang? Have you seen all the episodes and do you think you know everything about the show? Find out here!

Question 1:What is Lizzie's full name?
Elizabeth Allison McGuire
Elizabeth Brooke McGuire
Lizzie Brooke McGuire
Liza Brooke McGuire

Question 2:In the episode of Kate's birthday party, how much money does Lizzie's mom give her to "buy a big cookie for everyone on me" even thought she isn't really going to the mall?

Question 3:In the episode "Inner Beauty" what shirt is Miranda wearing when they are at the mall?
a purple and blue camouflage t-shirt
a shirt with a crossword puzzle on it
a yellow sweater
a red shirt with rhinestones on it

Question 4:In the episode "My Fair Larry" why does Lizzie give Larry a makeover?
She thinks that shirt he always wears is really annoying
She wants to go out with him but he is too ugly
Ethan suggests that she do it
Miranda won't invite him to her party

Question 5:In the episode "Bunkies" which of the following things did Lizzie and Matt NOT fight over?
If the door would be open or closed
Lizzie's sound soother
Who got to sleep by the window
If the curtains would be open or closed

Question 6:Who does Lizzie meet in 8th grade that starts acting just like her?

Question 7:Why does Parker McKenzie hate Lizzie towards the beginning of the series?
Parker is jealous of Lizzie's clothes
Lizzie steals Parker's date for the dance
Lizzie made fun of her hair
Lizzie sat on her Titanic lunch box

Question 8:Where does Lizzie meet Frankie Muniz?
the park
Mr. Dig's art class`
Mr. Dig's drama class
the cafeteria

Question 9:Why does Lizzie tell everyone the wrong answer in the Murder Mystery Party Game?
she doesn't know the right answer
Kate threatens to tell everyone a big secret about Lizzie if she doesn't let Kate give the right answer
she wants Ethan to think she is as dumb as he is
she wants Gordo to get it right

Question 10:Who does Lizzie have to work with in the cafeteria because of the food fight?
Gordo and Miranda
Kate and Ethan
Ethan and Miranda
Kate and Larry

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