The Lizzie McGuire Movie Quiz

You saw the Lizzie McGuire Movie? Let's see how much you know about it! Take this quiz to see!

Question 1:Why does Lizzie go to Rome?
Graduation trip
Spring break!!
Her favorite band is playing there
Family vacation

Question 2:What's the chaperone's name?
Mrs. McGuire - there's no chaperone, just family!
Miss Landon
Miss Ungermeyer

Question 3:Who does Lizzie sneak off with?
Paolo and Issabella
Paolo and Sergei
Gordo and Ethan
Gordo and Antoine

Question 4:Who does Lizzie share a room with?
the chaperone

Question 5:Who did Lizzie get mistaken for?
A famous sports star
Paolo's new girlfriend

Question 6:Where was Lizzie supposed to perform?
Italian Movie Awards
Tribeca Film Festival
A Paolo Concert
International Music Video Awards

Question 7:Who took the blame for sneaking around and was supposed to go home?

Question 8:What did Lizzie do?
Go home with Gordo
Skipped the performance, she was too nervous
Performed at the Awards by herself
Paolo performed and Lizzie just danced

Question 9:Who unexpectedly showed up at Rome?
Paolo's family
Lizzie's favorite band
Lizzie's parents and brother

Question 10:What happened at the very end?
Lizzie and Gordo kissed
Lizzie got a record deal
The chaperone/high school principal expelled her from school
Lizzie got to stay in Rome for a few more months

This Quiz has been designed by Shelly.