The Lizzie McGuire Show Quiz

Let's see how well you know about the Lizzie McGuire show and the cast of it. This quiz is very very easy but,,, let's see if your really a Lizzie McGuire fan...

Question 1:   What is the real name of Ethan Craft?
Ethan Craft
Clayton Snyder
Kyle Downes

Question 2:   What is the full name of Lizzie McGuire?
Lizzie McGuire
Ellizabeth Book McGuire
Elizabeth Brooke McGuire

Question 3:   What is the name of Miranda's cousin?

Question 4:   What is the name of the game show Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda joined?
La Oro Montezumo
El Oro Montezuma
Le Yu Montezaca

Question 5:   Who is Lizzie's crush before Ethan Craft?
Larry Tudgeman
Danny Kressler

Question 6:   In what episode did Lizzie found out that Tudgeman has a crush on her?
First Kiss
And the winner is
Scarlett Larry

Question 7:   Who is the girl who keeps imitating Lizzie in the episode "Just like Lizzie"?
Andie Robinson
Ashley Robinson
Angie Robinson

Question 8:   What is that name of the girl who turn down Gordo in the episode "Gordo's Story"?
Parker McKenzie
Claure Miller

Question 9:   Why did she turn Gordo down?
Because Gordo is short.
Because she don't like Gordo.
Because Gordo has a bad breath.

Question 10:   Who is Lizzie's first boyfriend and first heart-break?
Danny Kressler
Ronny Jacobs
Ethan Craft

This Quiz has been designed by Leslie.