Hilary Or Lizzie?
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Hilary Or Lizzie?

You think you know EVERYTHING about Hilary Duff; both as herself and as Lizzie McGuire? Take this test to see exactly how much you know.

Question 1:   What are Hilary's favorite movies?
Drop Dead Gorgeous, I am Sam, Chicago
Rush Hour 2, Legally Blonde, Uptown Girls
Pirates Of The Caribbean, Chicago, Little Women
Harry Potter, Forest Gump, A Fish Called Wonda
Bruce Almighty, Forces Of Nature, The Matrix Series

Question 2:   If Hilary wasn't a celebrity, what career would she have chosen?
Storm Chaser
Gym Teacher

Question 3:   What are Hilary's favorite subjects in school?
Science and Choir
English and Social Studies
Math and History
Creative Writing and Biology
Word Processing and Art

Question 4:   In the television series: Lizzie McGuire, what is the name of the school that Lizzie attends?
Jason Lee Middle School
Hillridge Middle School
Caledonia Middle School
Lambert Middle School
Washington Middle School

Question 5:   What does Hilary's dad do as a career?
He is an attorney
He is a veterinarian
He is a high-tech executive
He partners in a chain of convenience stores
he co-owns a chain of convenience stores

Question 6:   Hilary's older sister, Haylie, wrote 2 songs for Hilary's 'Metamorphosis' album. What songs were they?
The Math, Party Up
Anywhere But Here, So Yesterday
Love Just Is, Inner Strength
Sweet Sixteen, Inner Strength

Question 7:   Who else shares a September 28th birthday?
Gwyneth Paltrow
Cameron Diaz
Naomi Campbell
Mandy Moore
Mike Meyers

Question 8:   Hilary scored a very little role in her first theatrical film. What film was it?
Playing By Heart
Casper Meets Wendy
Little Women
Human Nature

Question 9:   How many episodes of Lizze McGuire were made?

Question 10:   Hilary's mother's name is?

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