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The Ultimate 50 Question LOST Quiz!

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  • 1
    What is Jack's last name in the 6th season?
  • 2
    In Season 1, everyone looked to ______ as the leader.
  • 3
    Jack's first major medical procedure on the island was taking shrapnel out of who's chest?

  • 4
    Who's Hands swell up when they fly?
  • 5
    Sayid Jarrah Fought in the Gulf War with the _____.
  • 6
    In "White Rabbit", Jack chases _______ through the jungle.

  • 7
    Who are the only two people physically hurt by boars in Season 1?
  • 8
    After Jack found the caves he did all of the following except:
  • 9
    Boone Carlyle follows and trusts _______ in Season 1. This person is also majorly responsible for Boone's death.
  • 10
    Ethan Rom kidnapped Claire and attempted to hang _________.

  • 11
    How many rafts did the survivors make in Season 1?
  • 12
    Claire's favorite food is _________.
  • 13
    Sawyer is in what line of work in season one?
  • 14
    Before the island, Hurley Reyes was _______.
  • 15
    The 6 infamous LOST numbers are ________.
  • 16
    Claire's favorite bedtime lullaby is _________.

  • 17
    The old 18th century slave ship is named ________.
  • 18
    Who blows up all over Hurley and the others in front of the ship mentioned in the previous question?
  • 19
    Rousseau came and said that The Others were "coming for the boy". Who were they coming for?
  • 20
    The black smoke monster kills all of the following people except:

  • 21
    The tail section of the plane landed _________.
  • 22
    The Others came to the tallies camp on two separate occasions and took all but:
  • 23
    Danielle Rousseau came and told Jack she had caught an "other" named Henry Gale. His real initials are:
  • 24
    "Henry Gale" claimed that he was not an other, but that he had come to the island by means of ______.
  • 25
    ___________ had been living in a hatch for the last 3 years of his life.
  • 26
    Desmond had to enter a 6 digit code into the computer. The dial would then turn back to the number ____________.

  • 27
    In season 2 & 3, all of the following were seen taking showers on the island except...
  • 28
    Who killed shannon?
  • 29
    Who loved Shannon?
  • 30
    Who Rescued Benjamin Linus from the storage room in the hatch?

  • 31
    Who died in the same room as Libby?
  • 32
    Libby was about to have a date on the beach with _________.
  • 33
    At the end of Season 2, Sayid Jarrah, Jin-Soo Kwan, and Sun-Hwa Kwan were lighting the black smoke fire and scouted out the island in a boat. They sailed past the others fake village and a statue with how many toes?
  • 34
    In the season 2 finale "Live Together, Die Alone", The Others had captured four survivors: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley. Which did they let go back to the beach camp?
  • 35
    Who was allowed to leave the island on a motor boat and given a bearing that would lead to rescue at the end of Season 2?
  • 36
    "We're the good guys, Michael." ~ Quote from ______.
  • 37
    In the Season 3 premiere "Tale of Two Cities", _______is in a polar bear cage, ______ is in a locker room, and _______is in an underwater aquarium.
  • 38
    All of the following happen to Walt Lloyd on his first two seasons on the Island except:
  • 39
    Kate Austin and Hurley Reyes were made to eat breakfast with Benjamin Linus.
  • 40
    Two people who quoted "Of Mice and Men" in the 3rd season:
  • 41
    The white rabbit that had a 'pacemaker' in it, had the number ______painted on it.
  • 42
    Ben revealed that there was no use running, they were on another island. An island with the ________station on it, nearly 2 miles from the main island.
  • 43
    Richard Alpert is an ambassador for the mysterious leader that the others call __________.
  • 44
    The Others try to have Locke kill _____________ if he wants to become their new leader.
  • 45
    Locke then gets __________ to kill the man in the previous question for him.
  • 46
    Locke Leads an expedition to get this Jack out of the Other's camp, but Locke's real reason for going was to:
  • 47
    Mikhail is a soldier for the Others and lives in a station in the jungle that had everything except what in it?
  • 48
    Mikhail was pushed through the sonic fence and was presumed dead. However, he was later sent by Ben to blow up the __________ station.
  • 49
    Two people that Mikhail killed was _______ in a underwater station and _________ outside of his cabin
  • 50
    What is the mercenary on the freighter's name?

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2250 days ago
This is the worst Lost quiz I have ever seen. Some of the questions are incorrect, and some don't even CONTAIN the right answer.