More M.A.S.H.
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More M.A.S.H.

They say it's on somewhere in the world every minute of every day, so c'mon, you must know SOMETHING about it! Eyes down for my second M.A.S.H. Quiz

Question 1:   Off we go, here's an easy one to kick off with. In which war is M.A.S.H. set?
The Vietnam War
World War II
The Gulf War
The Korean War

Question 2:   What is the name of the Padre in M.A.S.H.?
Father Francis
Father Murhpy
Father Mulcahey
Father O'Flaherty

Question 3:   Which branch of the armed services did Colonel Potter originally enlist in?
The Marines
The Calvary
The Navy
The Army Air Force

Question 4:   Who is in charge of the Motor pool?
Frank Burns

Question 5:   What colour is Hawkeyes dressing gown which he wears around camp?

Question 6:   In the original film, who plays Trapper John?
Elliot Gould
Donald Sutherland
Lee Van Cleef
James Garner

Question 7:   Which character becomes hooked on amphetamines in a bid to boost his alertness and workrate?
Colonel Potter
Hawkeye Pearce
B J Hunnicut
Charles Winchester

Question 8:   Why does Radar O'Reilly leave?
He is invalided home.
He dies.
He goes absent without leave.
He has to run his family farm

Question 9:   Which drink is the most available tipple to the Swamp residents?
Rotgut Whiskey
Korean Vodka
Very Dry Martini
Bush Beer

Question 10:   How many Wars has Colonel Potter served in?
1; Korea
4; WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
3 ; WWI, WWII, Korea

Question 11:   What is the name of BJ Hunnicuts wife?

Question 12:   Who's last line is 'People take my advice, every so often take down your pants and slide on the ice!'
Hawkeye Pearce
Dr Sidney Freedman
Major Charles Winchester
Major Margaret Houlihan

Question 13:   What does Klinger trade Henry Blakes new barbecue set for?
A set of surgical tools
An Incubator
6 Fresh eggs
A magazine for Hawkeye

Question 14:   Where is Hawkeyes hometown?
Crabapple Cove
Washington D C

Question 15:   What does Charles Winchester say is his one escape from the madness of the war?
His Brandy
His letters from home
His painting.
His music

Question 16:   What is the correct term for evacuating and relocating the M.A.S.H. unit to a new site.
Bug out
Flash out

Question 17:   What is Klingers first name?

Question 18:   In Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. Which character runs out into the shelling to save North Korean prisoners?
Colonel Potter
Father Mulcahey
Cpl Klinger
Hawkeye Pearce

Question 19:   What was the name of the short-lived spin-off show from M.A.S.H.?
After M.A.S.H.
Civvy Street
Homeward Bound
Army Hospital

Question 20:   What did Hawkeye, Trapper John and Radar give to Henry Blake as a farewell gift?
A Cowboy hat
A silver pen
A new suit
A bottle of Swamp moonshine

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