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You think you beat this Quiz have a go and if you do well there is a little hint about next season in season 17. To find out you have play the quiz and get most of the right. Have you got the guts to take this Quiz?

  • 1
    Who went over the NCIS LA from NCIS?
  • 2
    In NCIS who returns back to NCIS at the end of a season?
  • 3
    In NCIS who does Tony run into at the airport?

  • 4
    In NCIS who gets shot in the Butt?
  • 5
    Which Agent has kids in the present?
  • 6
    Who has meet Gibbs in NCIS?

  • 7
    Which NCIS Agent traveled to .... been for the first time to catch a criminal?
  • 8
    Who gets Married in NCIS?
  • 9
    Which rule does Gibbs burn in NCIS?
  • 10
    In NCIS who leaves the team?

  • 11
    Which member of NCIS team dies in the latest episode?
  • 12
    Which method would Abby use to collect forensic evidence?
  • 13
    How many children does Abby have?
  • 14
    Which NCIS member used to be on the street rough?
  • 15
    Who was in Foster care as a child in NCIS?

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