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Do you recite lines from the O.C.? Think you know every word ever spoken by every character? Put yourself to the test with this O.C. quote quiz!

  • 1
    Okay, we'll start off easy. Who said this quote?
    "They have God on their side Summer, I'm not gonna beat Jesus."
  • 2
    Who said this?

    "Since the minute you were born I knew I would never take another easy breath without knowing that you were all right."
  • 3
    Who said this?

    "80 is the new 70."

  • 4
    Who said this?

    "Welcome to the O.C., bitch."
  • 5
    Who said this?

    "Kidding! I'm not that dumb, just shallow."
  • 6
    Who said this?

    "Nothing like Julie Cooper to put fear into the hearts of children."

  • 7
    Now to make it a bit harder...
    Who is this conversation between?

    "I just had the most vile, inhuman night of my life."
    "For a guy who married Julie Cooper, that's saying something."

  • 8
    Who is this conversation between?

    "We could just not go."
    "We can't not go. We're here."
  • 9
    Who is this conversation between?

    "Besides, Marissa is happy now."
    "And by happy you mean gay."
  • 10
    Who is this conversation between?

    "I'm sure she'll apologize."
    "You are? This is Julie Cooper we're talking about."

  • 11
    Now to step it up a bit more... I'll leave the names in to make a bit easier at first.
    What episode is this quote from?

    Zach: "I get it. You're one of those couples. Joannie and Chachi, Luke and Leia."
    Seth: "Luke and Leia were brother and sister."
    Zach: "Yeah, well, may the force be with you."
  • 12
    What episode is this quote from?

    Seth: "Ryan, my girlfriend hooked up with a girl. There's only one thing to do in this situation."
    Zach: "You're gonna hook up with a guy?"
  • 13
    What episode is this quote from?

    Seth: "Our noses grazed. And it was like the most sexually charged nose-graze in the history of nose grazes. It's essentially nose-humping, is what it is."
  • 14
    What episode is this quote from?

    Julie: "That's very punk of you. You know, I used to like the punk in my day."
    Marissa: "Mom!"
    Julie: "Okay, Marissa. It still is my day. I was just being modest."
  • 15
    Now I'm gonna take the names out, just to make it super-hard...
    What episode is this quote from?

    "Julie, you scared me. More than usual."
    "Always a pleasure, Sanford."
    "Only Caleb gets to call me Sanford because he won't... not."
  • 16
    What episode is this quote from?

    "Come on in Ryan, you should hear this."
    "Yeah, apparently mom's a drunk and today's the intervention. So plan your afternoon accordingly."

  • 17
    Now for a few easy ones to finish off.
    Who said this quote?
    "Separate seats you guys, c'mon, there's no sex in the champagne room."
  • 18
    Who is this conversation between?

    "Ryan, I forgot to ask. Do you have any request for your birthday on Sunday?"
    "Sunday's your birthday?"
    "Thanks buddy."
    "Not just any birthday. Ryan's turning 16. Becoming a fully franchised citizen of this great democratic experiment we call America."
    "Yes, we all know you went to law school. The important thing is we need a party."
  • 19
    Who said this?

    "Wow, aren't you a regular Veronica Mars! Way to solve this weeks mystery!"
  • 20
    What season is this quote from?

    "Seth: Summer, you can't just ignore me forever.
    Summer: Oh yes I can. Don't you remember middle school? I was really good at ignoring you. Now I'm just getting back in shape."

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