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For most of us, life isn't exactly a fairytale. (Although Meghan Markle seems to have single-handedly managed to make hers one - *sighs.*) But hey, that's all right. We can at least watch a TV show about other people whose lives are literally out of a storybook. Um, make that Storybrooke. We're talking, of course, about Once Upon A Time.
Sadly, we should have said, "whose lives WERE out of a storybook." OUAT, which aired its final episode in 2018, is now a very fond memory. Even though the show's critical success wasn't stratospheric, the whole word apparently loved it - the series has been licensed to more than 190 countries! Whoa! (For perspective, there are only 195 countries on the whole planet.)
Missing the show? We invite you to take a few of the 40+ OUAT quizzes in this section! We've got the usual, "Are you a true fan?" tests and even one on how well you remember the pilot episode (you'll have to dig deep for that 411!). Challenge fan friends to beat your scores - or if you're feeling clever, create your own quiz! Escape to Storybrooke once again!

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Are you a true Regina Mills fan?

Are you a true Regina Mills fan?


Are you a true Once Upon A Time fan?

Are you a true Once Upon A Time songs fan?

Are you a true Once Upon A Time songs fan?


Once Upon A Time character quiz

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638 days ago
I love OUAT. I got 100% on EVERY SINGLE QUIZ I have ever done on OUAT. OUAT is amazing. My mom says thats what I talk about 24/7. My fave character is Merida. She is good with a bow and arrow, just like me, and she is fearless, brave, courageous, and determined. She became my inspiration when she saved her bros #TheBearAndTheBowSeason5Episode6 Merida is amazing. OUAT is even more. I hope you enjoy the series if you haven't finished it!
793 days ago
Wow I got all correct
843 days ago
Whooo love ouat need to watch season six. So sad they stopped making episodes😿. Who is the biggest ouat fan I’d like to say me but my sister Ella won’t stop talking about it. Love, thrills, spills, magic, good and evil love it. The quizzes are good only thing that ticks me off is trick questions who killed Cora Regina physically killed her Snow told Regina to. Still love it ouat is so fetch.