How well do you know Guiding Light?
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How well do you know Guiding Light?

Are you a fan of Guiding Light? Test you knowledge now!!

Question 1:The same actress who played Reva's teenaged clone also played a popular heroine on the show...which character was she?
Susan Lemay
Marah Lewis
Dinah Marler
Michelle Bauer
Bridget Reardon

Question 2:Which of these actors once called Springfield home?
Kevin Bacon
James Earl Jones
All of these
Hayden Panetierre
Billy Dee Williams

Question 3:Which of these guys has never been married to Reva Shayne?
Josh Lewis
H.B. Lewis
Billy Lewis
Buzz Cooper
Ed Bauer

Question 4:How did Maureen Bauer die?
car wreck
heart failure

Question 5:How many total years has Guiding Light been in production?

Question 6:Who wore matching dresses to Vanessa's engagement party?
Nola and Vanessa
Nola and Reva
Vanessa and Jenna
Vanessa and Reva
Nola and Maureen

Question 7:Who did Vanessa believe was her sister?

Question 8:Who was Harley's first lover on the show?
Alan-Michael Spaulding
Dylan Lewis
Phillip Spaulding
A.C. Mallet
Josh Lewis

Question 9:Which of these guys has Blake NOT slept with?
Alan Spaulding
Frank Cooper
Alan-Michael Spaulding
Ed Bauer
Phillip Spaulding

Question 10:What horror movie did Lucy Cooper 'live' out courtesy of Brent?
Friday the 13th
Rear Window
Children of the Corn

Question 11:Who was Phillip Spaulding's first love?
Harley Davidson Cooper
Blake Thorpe
Lorelei Hills
Lucy Cooper
Beth Raines

Question 12:Who got married in the 'Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams'?
Reva and Josh
Vanessa and Matt
Josh and Annie
Frank and Eleni
Jenna and Buzz

Question 13:Who is Mindy's dad?
H.B. Lewis
Josh Lewis
Buzz Cooper
Billy Lewis
Alan Spaulding

Question 14:Who are Alan's children?
Phillip, Alan-Michael, and Amanda
Phillip and Amanda
Phillip and Alan- Michael
Alan-Michael, Amanda, and Alex
Alan-Michael and Amanda

Question 15:Which on-screen mother-son (or step-mother/step-son)team now play a mother-son team on an ABC soap?
Lisa Brown (Nola Reardon) and Ethan Erickson (J.)
Beverlee Kinsey (Alex Spaulding) and Vincent Irizarry (Nick/Lujack)
Fiona Hutchinson (Jenna Cooper) and Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper)
Maeve Kincaide (Vanessa Reardon) and Bryan Buffington (Bill Lewis, Jr.)
Marj Dusay (Alex Spaulding) and Vincent Irizarry (Nick/Lujack

Question 16:Who is Roberto Federico Santos (Robbie)named after?
Bert Bauer, Rick Bauer, and Miguel Santos
Bert Bauer and Miguel Santos
Bert Bauer and Rick Bauer
Miguel Santos and Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer and Mick Santos

Question 17:Who was Michelle Bauer's first lover?
Danny Santos
Bill Lewis, Jr.
Jesse Blue
Ben Reade
Mick Santos

Question 18:Who killed Ben Warren? (though one of these first confessed to the deed)
Ross Marler
Pilar Santos
Blake Marler
Carmen Santos
Vanessa Reardon

Question 19:Which of these villains' portrayer died of Lou Gherig's Disease?
Brandon Spaulding
One of the Alan Spauldings
Roger Thorpe
Edmund Winslow
Ben Warren

Question 20:Which family is the newest addition to the show's families?

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