Robot wars uk quizzie
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Robot wars uk quizzie

What do YOU know about british robot wars?

Question 1:Who won series 1?
Panic attack
chaos 2
Road block

Question 2:Which is the lightest house robot?
Sgt Bash
Dead metal
Sir killalot

Question 3:Who were the finalists for series 1?
Roadblock, Mortis, wedgehog, Bugs, Elvis, Detonater
Panic attack, killertron, cassius, roadblock
Roadblock, killertron, Nemisis, Shogun, Barry, Grunt
Roadblock, Recyclops, Robot the bruce, cunning plan, bodyhammer, T.R.A.C.I.E

Question 4:How many seeded robots were in series 4?

Question 5:What were all the robots Chaos2 to beat to win series (not telling what series it was. That would give away question 1)
Napalm, Mace1, Mortis, Behemoth, Killertron, Panic attack
Biohazard, Frenzy, Golddigger, Nightmare, Mechadon, Vlad the impaler
Crocodilatron, Sonic, Big cheese, Trident, Mace2, Firestorm, hypnodisc

Question 6:Who were all the semifinalists in the first 8 shows in series 4?
Roadblock, Cassius, King buxton, GBH, Plunderbird2, Hardvark, Milly ann bug, razer
Chaos2, Pussycat, Firestorm, Stegasawrus, Dominater1, Tornado, Thermidor2, The big cheese.
Chaos2, Pussycat, Firestorm2, Steg2, Dominater2, Tornado, Thermador2, Wheely big cheese

Question 7:Who won the first international league?
Terror Australius

Question 8:Who were the contenders in show 4 of series 2?
Parenthian shot, Ron, Whirling Dervish, Disruptor, Corporal punishment, panic attack
Gemini, Bezerk, The creature, Tornado, Katerkiller, Invertabrat
Bodyhammer, Millyannbug, Razer, Inquisiter, Elvis, Behemoth

Question 9:Who were the soccer finalists in series 3?
Veloccorippa, Nasher, the General, Eevil weevil
Milly ann bug, Razer, Behemoth, Elvis, Razer
Cassius, groundhog, Sting, loco, the wizard
Cruella, Dreadnaut, Robot the bruce, Wedgehog, WYSIWYG

Question 10:The final question is which of the following all have axes?
Killerhurtz, Dominater2, Mortis
Killerhurtz, Killertron, Whirling dervish,
Killertron, Mortis, Diotor
Hyono disc, Razer, Nemisis

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