Do you know all about King of the Hill!
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Do you know all about King of the Hill! you?

Question 1:   What are the names of "the guys"?
Bobby, Joseph, and Connie
Hank, John Redcorn, Con, and Dale
Hank, Bobby, and Peggy
Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhower
Hank, Dale, Bobby, and Bill

Question 2:   Peggy is a substitute teacher of what foreign language?

Question 3:   What does Bobby want to do when he grows up?
Move to New York and become a famous comedian
Become a pro football player for the Texas Cowboys
Become a pro football player for the Oklahoma Sooners
Sing on Broadway
Sell propane

Question 4:   What was the name of Bill's wife?

Question 5:   How does LuAnne's boyfriend, Buckley, die?
Alcohol poisoning at a party for Bill
Ran over by an 18 wheeler carrying hot pants
His momma stabbed in the heart with a fork
At the Mega-lo-Mart, in a propane blowup
Drowned in the creek

Question 6:   Why can't Hank and Peggy have another child?
Peggy has a narrow urethra
Hank has a low sperm count
Hank has a narrow urethra
Peggy is unfertile
They don't want another child

Question 7:   How long has/had Nancy Been cheating on Dale?
10 years
1 year
6 months
She didn't cheat on him
13 years

Question 8:   Where does Dales Father work?
A secret FBI agent
For the Military
He sells propane
The National Gay Rodeo
He doesn't work, he's a player/pimp

Question 9:   What is Dale's alias?
his what?
John Redcorn
Rusty Shacklefurd
Bob Nabody
Kevin Hobbs

Question 10:   In a two part episode involving Mr. and Mrs. Strickland, who killed Debbie?
She killed herself
Mr. Strickland
Mrs. Strickland
The EZ Mart Cashier
Her room mate

Question 11:   Which of the following is a punishment for Hank?
Mowing the Lawn
Selling propane
Drinking beer
Standing in the Alley
None of these

Question 12:   What size shoe does Peggy wear?
Mens 16
Womans 6
Mens 6
Womans 10
Womens 16

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