What's your Wiccan IQ?
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What's your Wiccan knowledge?

How much do you know about Wicca?

Question 1:   What’s a Burin?
No clue.
Holds chalice on altar
Used for inscribing candles.
Place for storing herbs and other tools after ritual.

Question 2:   How old is Wicca?
Dates back to prehistory.
No one can really know, so many texts were destroyed in the burning times.
At least 50 years.

Question 3:   Does Wicca have a founder?
Sort of. Ancient Shamans began the tradition of magic that has survived to this day in Wicca.
Gerald B. Gardner.
Aliester Crowley
Of course! The Goddess.
Arcadia, Goddess of the Witches brought Wicca to humans.

Question 4:   How many Wiccan holidays are there?
Each day is sacred.
Trick question! None.

Question 5:   Pick answer with the correct element, paired with it's direction.
Earth=North, Air=East, Fire=South, Water=West.
Earth=West, Air=North, Fire=East, Water=South.
Earth=East, Air=North, Fire=South, Water=West
Doesn't matter.

Question 6:   What’s the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft?
Trick question! Same thing.
Wicca is a religion, and Witchcraft is a practice.
Wicca has an official leader, and Witchcraft does not.
Wicca accepts male and female members, Witchcraft is women only.

Question 7:   What do Wiccans believe about God?
One Goddess with many aspects.
No real gods, just archetypes.
A God and Goddess, a duality and balance of genders and polarities.
You can pick a god to use with a spell, (eg. Aphrodite is a love goddess, so use her in love spells)

Question 8:   How do you study Wicca?
What's to study?
Must be born Wiccan, and your family teaches you, usually your grandma.
Several options. Could teach yourself with books, or get a teacher or train under a coven.
Must study under a Coven, only a witch can make a witch.
You are born Wiccan, but not scarily to a Wiccan family.

Question 9:   Which of these is your favorite Wiccan author?
Trick Question! No real books about Wicca have been published.
Silver Ravenwolf
Scott Cunningham
Lilith McLelland
Fiona Horne

Question 10:   Initiation:
You receive it from the Gods.
Must be received by a High Priest/ess
Not needed.

Question 11:   Wiccan Rede:
Do as you will, and it harms none.
An it harm none, do as you will
All that you do shall return to you, threefold, good or bad.
Hark the Goddess's words, in perfect love and perfect trust.
To dare, to know, to will, and to remain silent.

Question 12:   Magic is:
The fifth element
Spiritual energy that can be controlled by crystals, colors, herbs, etc, in a spell
How should I know?
Given to you in a spell by the Goddess.

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