The B/A Shipper Quiz

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Here's a Quiz for all the B/A Shippers out there to see how much they really know about the couple. Questions are taken from both shows.

  • 1
    What was the first thing Angel ever said to Buffy?
  • 2
    Who first showed Buffy to Angel?
  • 3
    In what episode (BTVS) did Buffy and Angel first kiss?

  • 4
    Where exactly did Buffy and Angel first kiss?
  • 5
    In which of the following was Angel NEVER called?
  • 6
    What was the first thing Angel said to Buffy after he returned from hell?

  • 7
    In what episode did Angel give Buffy his leather jacket?
  • 8
    In the BTVS Episode "Lover's Walk", when Buffy asks Angel what she should do about college, he replies "As a friend....
  • 9
    What's the name of the thing that haunts Angel in "Amends"?
  • 10
    What did Angel give Buffy on her 18th Birthday?

  • 11
    In what episode did Angel break up with Buffy?
  • 12
    In the BTVS episode "Some Assembly Required" who did Angel admit being jealous of?
  • 13
    In what episode did Angel and Buffy first have sex?
  • 14
    Giles once said "A vampire in love with a slayer, rather..."
  • 15
    Where did Angel first see Buffy?
  • 16
    In what episode did Angel first ask Buffy out on a date?

  • 17
    In what Season of BTVS did we never actually SEE Angel? (Guest Roles count as Appearances)
  • 18
    In what Episode of "Angel" was Angel turned human?
  • 19
    What colour was Angel's shirt in the scene where he first tells Buffy he loves her? (BTVS)
  • 20
    In what episode did Buffy say to Angel "Is this a get-in-my-pants thing?"?

  • 21
    Why did Angel leave Buffy (in season 3)?
  • 22
    Which of the following has BUFFY never called Angel?
  • 23
    In which "Angel" Episode do Buffy and Angel hit eachother?
  • 24
    In Graduation Day- Part 2, what is the last thing Angel says to Buffy?
  • 25
    What is the age difference between Buffy and Angel?
  • 26
    In the episode "Angel" Buffy tries to kill Angel with....?

  • 27
    In the BTVS Episode "Amends", what holiday is it?
  • 28
    In BTVS Season Three, which episode(s) does Angel NOT appear in?
  • 29
    Where does Buffy first meet Angel?
  • 30
    In the show, The Claddagh Ring Angel gave Buffy represents friendship, loyalty, and love. In real life it is actually...? (This was not mentioned on the shows)

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