How Well Do You Know Playmakers?

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This is for all you Playmakers fans out there! Take this test. And if you haven't seen the show, maybe you'll want to after you take this test!

  • 1
    What is the name of their team?
  • 2
    Who is the quarterback?
  • 3
    Which player is a drug addict?

  • 4
    Where was DH during halftime?
  • 5
    Who helped Harris to get high?
  • 6
    How did they help him do it?

  • 7
    What does Guerwitcz say when he gets a call while he's with August at the club & she says "I get it, a girlfriend."?
  • 8
    In which episode do we find out that Thad is gay?
  • 9
    What does Thad do when David hits on one of the players?
  • 10
    What does McConnell say when David sends Guarddog a drink?

  • 11
    What does Buffalo ask Guerwitcz at the club? (Come on, this one's obvious)
  • 12
    What does Thad use as an excuse for not being able to perform 'in the bedroom'?
  • 13
    What is Leon arrested for?
  • 14
    Coach George finally sees a doctor. What does the doctor tell him?
  • 15
    How long ago did Coach George's wife leave him?
  • 16
    DH visits Casey in the hospital & gives him an autographed ball & shows him who all signed it. What is the purpose of this?

  • 17
    Who does McConnell bet on that he can 'get with' before the week?
  • 18
    Last question, who 'outs' Guerwitcz?

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