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How well do you know this defective detective?

  • 1
    Easy: What is Monk's first name?
  • 2
    Easy: What is the name of Monk's first assistant?
  • 3
    Easy: Monk's first assistant had a son named Bradley.

  • 4
    Medium: What instrument does Monk play?
  • 5
    Medium: What was Monk's wife's name?
  • 6
    Medium: How did she die?

  • 7
    How many times has Monk taken off his wedding ring since his wife died?
  • 8
    Medium: Captain Stottlemeyer's first name is...
  • 9
    Medium: What is the name of the person who assists Captain Stottlemeyer?
  • 10
    Medium: What is Monk's brother's name?

  • 11
    Hard: What is the name of the fat billionaire who lands himself in jail and appears in more than one episode?
  • 12
    Who plays the fat man?
  • 13
    Hard: What is the name of Monk's first assistant's ex-husband?
  • 14
    Hard: Which of the follow celebrities have not appeared in an episode of Monk?
  • 15
    The show imitated the movie Panic Room starring Jodie Foster in one of their episodes. What actor on the show got a chance to work with this talented actress?

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