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How well do YOU know The Hardy Show?

  • 1
    Who Said It! "How bad can I make Matt hate life?"
  • 2
    Finish The Quote! "That mother f*cker just got _______!"
  • 3
    Who Said It! "I don't do smooth. You do smooth. Not me."

  • 4
    Finish The Quote! "Sometimes I'm sittin' in the living room and I like to..."
  • 5
    Who Said It! "I know you have all this heat with The Matt Hardy Show, but... what are you gonna do about it?"
  • 6
    Finish The Quote! "Just like Edward Johnston, you always get..."

  • 7
    Who Said It! "I can't just eat a Fig Newton. I have to have something with it!"
  • 8
    Finish The Quote! "I would get mad that you called me Mama, but..."
  • 9
    Who Said It! "Oh My God! You killed Yuk!"
  • 10
    Finish The Quote! "I say that you get..."

  • 11
    Name The Episode... where The Matt Hardy Show becomes The Hardy Show?
  • 12
    Name The Episode... where The Traveler's Club wreaks havoc on everyone who tries to use "make a call"?
  • 13
    Name The Episode... where Matt is shot and bleeding, but Jeff is too engaged in "the underground world of texting" to notice or care?
  • 14
    Name The Episode... where Matt, Jeff, Shannon and Beth go bowling?
  • 15
    Name The Episode... where Matt and Jeff visit their mom's grave?
  • 16
    Name The Episode... where the "boyz" burn Matt's Christmas gift from Jeff?

  • 17
    Name The Episode... where Jeff tells Andrew not to film him from the front, but then turns around?
  • 18
    Name The Episode... where Matt keeps finding underwear Lucas has hidden around the house?
  • 19
    Name The Episode... where Andrew keeps getting whacked in the face with a rubber snake?
  • 20
    Name The Episode... where Shannon breaks the "$300 vase" over Andrew's head?

  • 21
    What is Matt's least favorite condiment?
  • 22
    What is Shannon's nickname?
  • 23
    What does Jeff call the giant creatures he builds outside his house?
  • 24
    What role does Andrew play most often on The Hardy Show, other than cameraman?
  • 25
    How long has Jeff been engaged to/dating Beth?
  • 26
    Other than Amy, what other Diva did Matt have a relationship with?

  • 27
    Which cast member has played characters like a gay guy named Tyrone and Pat, the guy who "drugged his wife" (in the story)?
  • 28
    What is the name of Shannon's tattoo shop?
  • 29
    Which cast member considers Matt to be his "best friend"?
  • 30
    Although he rarely appears on The Hardy Show, this guy is a best friend of Matt and Jeff. Who is he?

  • 31
    How much did the vase that Andrew kicked over at Shannon's cost?
  • 32
    On which date do Matt, Jeff, Kimo, Yuk and Marty go serial killer searching at Lake Legend?
  • 33
    Who wins Itchweeed's Dating Game?
  • 34
    After Itchweeed gets done giving us a tour of his crib, there is a battle between Oliver and __________?
  • 35
    When he mentions his "f*cked up cousin", who is Itchweeed talking about?
  • 36
    In "Shannon's Place", why is Matt's pool slanted?
  • 37
    Where do all the intros for Season 5 get filmed?
  • 38
    After what adventure did Jeff "need spinal fusion surgery"?
  • 39
    What brand of vodka would Matt never dare use for clubbing?
  • 40
    What is the one item in Matt's fridge that is not outdated?
  • 41
    What is the Prince of Punk's dog's name?
  • 42
    What restaurant are many of the Hardy Show memories made at?
  • 43
    What common object do we learn can also be used as a slip and slide?
  • 44
    Instead of calling him by his real name, who always calls Matt "V1" or "Version 1"?
  • 45
    Matt gives the citizens of HardyShowLand some advice while he and Jeff are battling through Vass, NC. What is that advice?
  • 46
    What was Jeff's last dog's name (may he rest in peace:( ...)?
  • 47
    Shannon has to do something to himself that none of the others can handle. What does he have to do?
  • 48
    What is Jeff's nickname?
  • 49
    Where does the "Matt Cam" take place?
  • 50
    As of June '09, how many Hardy Show DVDs are currently available for purchase?

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