How Well Do You Know Greenhouse Academy? Quiz

What's up, fellow 'tweens? Do you love Greenhouse Academy? This awesome Netflix show was adapted for international viewing from a drama that first aired in Israel called Ha-Hamama (The Greenhouse). Maybe you didn't know that! Anyway, here are 10 questions about the show to see how well you know it!

  • 1
    In which season and episode did Leo’s girlfriend, Aspen, come to the greenhouse?
    In which season and episode did Leo’s girlfriend, Aspen, come to the greenhouse?
  • 2
    Who saved Hayley when she was drowning in Season 2, Episode 4?
  • 3
    When did Hayley and Daniel realize that Brooke might have been hypnotized?

  • 4
    In which episode did Emma have to leave the greenhouse?
  • 5
    When did Judy and her group make the first earthquake?
  • 6
    In which episode did Ryan Woods wake up a year after the explosion?

  • 7
    In which season and episode did Michelle interview Jackie?
  • 8
    In which episode was Brooke dehypnotized?
  • 9
    Where did Brooke and Daniel first break up?
  • 10
    What did Brooke keep saying when she was hypnotized and was Daniel's girlfriend?

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531 days ago
Check out my Greenhouse Academy quiz! It is, Which house from greenhouse academy are you in?
562 days ago
I looked at the episodes on Netflix and it still said I got 3 wrong
619 days ago
What sp you mean I got 2 wrong I for them all right and did anyone else see that 2 questions were the same answer?
665 days ago
Thank you for all of you who have taken the quiz and I’m sorry that it wasn’t completely correct because I made this 2 years ago now and seem to remember having to guess a couple of the answers because I couldn’t find the exact ones. Anyway, thank you for all of the support!!❤️❤️
695 days ago
season 4 coming soon
695 days ago
they do make a great couple, bad quiz tho, love greenhouse academy but this quiz is not my fav.they do make a great couple, bad quiz tho, love greenhouse academy but this quiz is not my fav.t to format
746 days ago
I love greenhouse academy soooooooooooo much and I watch it every day even if I already have watched it like a million times I just love it so much I can't stop watching it!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👍👍😀😃😀😃😀😄😁
751 days ago
I think Daniel and Hayley make such a good couple
751 days ago
Love the greenhouse academy can’t wait for season 4
817 days ago
I had 10 / 10 !!!!!!!!!
890 days ago
10 out of 10! I looooove the show
939 days ago
I got 9 out of 10 this was fun
1079 days ago
Thanks Belle for making this quiz because it for people how really loves this season
1079 days ago
I hope it’s Leo at the door because they make the cutest couple ever of it is Daniel I will cry but it will be fine because he is really nice and Daniel has never been to Hayley’s house so how does he now were she lives so it better be Leo and it killing me because I don’t now who is there and when is season 3 coming out really hope in January or February can’t wait for season 3 and I got 7-10 for my test
1090 days ago
It was probably Leo because Daniel did not know where hayley lived, Leo had already been to her house in season 1.
1113 days ago
IT HASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TO BE DANIEL if its not im going to BOYCOTT THE ENTIRE show ( jk i love Greenhouse Academy) but i'll still be upset lmaooo
1120 days ago
i really hope it's Leo at the door!!!! IT IS KILLING ME NOT KNOWING WHO IT IS
1120 days ago
question 7 was wrong jackie got interviewed in season 2 episode 6 not 7 or 8.
1122 days ago
i'm torn but i think i want it to be leo at the door. its killing me not knowing
1263 days ago
I hope its daniel at the door!!!