Xena Warrior Princess quiz

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This quiz is about the TV show Xena Warrior Princess:)

  • 1
    What is xena's signature weapon?
  • 2
    Gabrielle's first weapon?
  • 3
    What did Gabrielle become in the episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

  • 4
    The episode "A necessary evil" who becomes a god?
  • 5
    What is the episode called when Cecrops makes his first appearance?
  • 6
    Who is the goddess of chaos?

  • 7
    What was the giant called that Xena had to kill who was also her friend?
  • 8
    Aphrodite is the goddess of what?
  • 9
    What is the episode called where Aphrodite isn't in control of herself and Xena abuses her power to kill gods?
  • 10
    What episode was the last one Ephiny appeared in?

  • 11
    Who says this quote "hey, back off! You wouldn't have been thrown here in the first place if you had kept your hands off my tomatoes"
  • 12
    Who says this quote "choose the one drink you wouldn't give your worst enemy and give me a double"
  • 13
    In the episode "The Reckoning" who made their first appearance?
  • 14
    What is the episode called when Xena loses her arms and gains 4 battling a hindi demon?
  • 15
    Which episode did Borias make his first appearance?
  • 16
    Who killed Borias?

  • 17
    Who is the son of Xena?
  • 18
    Which friend of Xena's appears first in the episode "Callisto"
  • 19
    Who is the daughter of Gabrielle
  • 20
    Which God makes their first appearance in the episode called "Adventures in the sin trade"?

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