Married With Children Advanced Trivia Quiz
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Married With Children Advanced Trivia Quiz

If you aced my basic quiz and are ready for some real Bundy hardball you've come to the right place. Ready? Let's Rock!

Question 1:What was Peg's father’s name?
None Of The Above

Question 2:Who played the character Seven in season seven?
Shane Sweet
Kevin Donell
Jason Purty
Lucas Mott
Devon Sawa

Question 3:MWC ran for how many seasons?

Question 4:What were the dates the series ran?
Jan. 10, 1984-July 12, 1991
Jan. 10, 1986-June 30, 1997
May 19, 1980-July 12, 1990
Feb. 16, 1987-Aug. 21, 1998
April 5, 1987-June 9,1997

Question 5:What was the working title of the show?
The Jefferson Rejects
Not The Cosbys
Planet Marriage
Unhappily Ever After
Life As A Bundy

Question 6:Who were regulars on the show?
Saturday Night Live Cast Members
Playboy Playmates
Cheers Cast Members
Talk Show Hosts
None Of The Above

Question 7:Who created the series?
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan
Amanda Bearse and Ed Nielson
Cindy Whyne and Don Sanders
None Of The Above
Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye

Question 8:Who was originally considered for the parts of Al and Peg? I made this one obvious. For those who did not know.
Bugs and Tweety
Garfield and Heathcliff
Bud and Kelly
Marcy and Steve
Sam Kinison and Roseanne

Question 9:What was the woman's name that started the crusade to have MWC cancelled after the episode “Her Cups Runneth Over?'
Jaime Anderson
Gillian Anderson
Terry Rakolta
Barbara Bush
Suzanne Temple

Question 10:What was the name of the episode that was never aired in the U.S. due to censorship, aka 'the lost show?'
Give It To Me One More Time
I'll See You In Court
Follow The Yeller Brick Road
Shane Comes Home
Shoe Dick

Question 11:Which MWC character went on to have their own show on NBC and what was the name of the show?
David Faustino, Jesse
Christina Applegate, Poor Baby
Christina Applegate, Jesse
Katey Segal, Fern
Amanda Bearse, Lez Be Friends

Question 12:What were names of two spin off series of MWC?
Top Of The Heap and Unhappily Ever After
Unhappily Ever After and Vinnie
Not The Cosbys and Help, My Family Is Nuts
Top Of The Heap and Vinnie and Bobby
There were no spin off series ever made.

Question 13:What is the Bundy address? (Slightly contradicting in different episodes)
9764 Bundy Road
9764 Bearse Street
9764 Shoemaker Circle
9764 Jeopardy Lane
None Of The Above

Question 14:What softball team did the Bundys play for?
The New Market Mallers
The Chicago White Socks
Gary's Shoe Superstars
The Lakeland Mall Reapers
They never played softball on a team.

Question 15:What is Bud's full mwc name?
Bud Albert Bundy
Bud Hondo Bundy
Budrick Franklin Bundy
Buddy Bartholomew Bundy
Budrick Percy Bundy

Question 16:What is Bud's blow up doll's name?

Question 17:What university does Bud attend after high school?
Gilliton University
Oxford University
Trumaine University
Polk University
University Of Chicago

Question 18:Where did Bud work from episode 902-1001?
The Public Library
The First National Bank
At The Shoe Store With Al
Hot Dog Vendor
Department Of Motor Vehicles

Question 19:Who took Bud's virginity? (Disputable)
Candy (Amber Bearse)
Cindy (Francis Grey)
Jamie (Joey Lauren Adams)
April May June (Allison Hughes)
Fawn (Alyssa Milano)

Question 20:What song does Al whistle when he has a vision of him and Bud fishing at the toxic Lake Chicamacomico?
Love and Marriage Song
Proud Mary Song
Andy Griffith Song
Bad To The Bone Song
None Of The Above

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