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How much do you know about Harmony?

Question 1:   Why did Miguel and Charity not follow through with their wedding?
Kay threatened Charity
Kay announced that she was in love with Miguel
Charity had second thoughts at the alter
Kay announced she was pregnant with Miguel's baby

Question 2:   Who is "Beth" (Sheridan) and Luis' baby Martin named after?
Beth's father
Luis' middle name
Luis' long lost best friend
Luis' father

Question 3:   How did Kay get Miguel to sleep with her?
She drugged him
She cast a spell on him
She dressed as Charity
She didn't, Kay was artificially impregnated

Question 4:   Ivy married Julian because:
She loved him at the time
Her father made her
She was pregnant with his child
For his money

Question 5:   Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald has 5 children, Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel, and whom?

Question 6:   Ethan married Gwen because:
She got pregnant
He loved her more then Theresa
To get back at Theresa
His mother didn't approve of Theresa

Question 7:   Grace Bennett has how many children?

Question 8:   Little Ethan's father is whom?
Fox Crane
Julian Crane
Ethan Winthrop
Hank Bennett

Question 9:   Charity is:
Grace's niece
Ivy's daughter
Rebecca's daughter
Sam's niece

Question 10:   Eve Russel switched a blood test regarding whom?
Julian's paternity of Ethan
Julian's paternity of Little Ethan
Beth's paternity of baby Martin
Grace's paternity of John

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