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Question 1:   Who is Eve Russells true love?
Ethan Winthrop
TC Russell
Julian Crane
Sam Bennett

Question 2:   Why is Charity suddenly cheating on Miguel with Reece?
Because Charity is jealous of Miguel and Kay
Because Kay drugged her
Because Kay told Charity Miguel confessed he really loved her
Because Kay cast a spell on her

Question 3:   What is Kay's baby's name?

Question 4:   Who has become pregnant since the show started?
Gwen, Theresa, Grace, Kay, Tabbitha
Gwen, Theresa, Tabbitha, Whitney
Gwen, Theresa, Kay, Charity, Tabbitha
Gwen, Kay, Theresa, Whitney, Grace, Ivy

Question 5:   Who was Reece's girlfriend before he started cheating on her with Charity?

Question 6:   Who did Reece think he loved before he hooked up with his girlfriend?
her best friend
her sister
her cousin
her worst enemy

Question 7:   Who does little Ethan live with?
Theresa and Pular
Chad and Whitney
Julian and Rebecca
Sam and Ivy

Question 8:   Who did Grace leave Sam for?
Dwight and John
David and Jack
Dwight and Jack
David and John

Question 9:   Which 2 women have had amnesia?
Grace and Ivy
Sheridan and Ivy
Sheridan and Grace
Whitney and Theresa

Question 10:   Fox is:
Ivy's son
Ethan's brother
Jessica's ex boyfriend
Theresa's cousin

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