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Pretty Little Liars quiz

  • 1
    Does Dr. Sullivan have a child?
  • 2
    (hard) which one of those songs plays during an ezria scene?
  • 3
    In season 6 episode 9, at the prom, which color was Ali's dress?

  • 4
    When the girls are arrested, who is sitting next to Spencer in the "prison" car?
  • 5
    During the marriage of Aria and Ezra, what color is Ezra's tie?
  • 6
    Who drugged Aria, in the Halloween train episode "this is A dark ride"?

  • 7
    With what object was Hanna trying to attack Caleb, thinking it was somebody else?
  • 8
    What did A write on Dr Sullivan's office wall?
  • 9
    Who pushed Marion Cavanaugh off Radley's roof?
  • 10
    Who thinks that Aria is Vivian Darkbloom (Alison), when she wears the red coat?

  • 11
    Who cheated on every relationship she had? (kissed another guy)?
  • 12
    What is the pie shop called, where aria stops by before going to Ezra's?

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