How Well Do You Know Riverdale?

So, do you think you know the CW show Riverdale backwards and forwards? OK, well, I seriously doubt you know it better than this massive fan - namely, me! You're about to find out if you take my quiz right now! Please share it with your friends who love Riverdale, too!

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    Who narrates the show?
    Who narrates the show?

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1672 days ago
I got 9 out of 10. The only one I got shook up on was the color of the blackhoods eyes. I did not remember the answer at all. I love Riverdale. It's one of my favorite shows on tv
1676 days ago
omg even though i got 8/1" 0 i still really love this show and i took the test to see which riverdale characte i am and i am Cheryl Bombshell Blossom!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😘😘😍😍I LOVE RIVERDALE (p.s. My room is riverdaled themed)
1680 days ago
🕊!!! I got 9/10
1685 days ago
10/10 I love this show it is my favorite and I’m obsessed I can’t believe I got 10/10 go me!
1687 days ago
I got a 9/10. I watched Riverdale multiple times and ask my sister I have.this is my favorite show ever.i love Jughead Jones❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#Riverdale
1693 days ago
I an so shocked I've been watching riverdale for 1 week and I got 9/10
1702 days ago
9/10 honestly I'm proud of my answer. My fav character is Cheryl Blossom A.K.A Madeline Pestch. I always go back to my fav episode "Primary colors" season 2. And my top two fav couples are Choni and Bughead! Can't wait for season 3 :)!! And I'm pretty sure that moose and Cheryl NEVER kissed but I could be wrong?#LOVERIVERDALE4LIFE💖
1705 days ago
You might not believe me but if you ask all my friends you would know that I watched riverdale 19 times
1707 days ago
10/10 I love riverdale ecxcept I have to say supernatural is up there to cause I named my dog Winchester after dean and Sam Winchester from the show
1714 days ago
10/10 Riverdale is my second favorite show. Right below Supernatural!
1722 days ago
10/10 even though I just found out about Riverdale (I know right) it blew my mind on how great of a story it was and if I know so much that just tells you how much of a wonderful story it is.
1727 days ago
I got 10/10 OMG 😀
1749 days ago
I GOT 10/10!!! I LOVE RIVERDALE!! I literally am wearing a riverdale T SHIRT RIGHT NOW!!! lol
1752 days ago
I love this show am I am half asleep so not that good but I watched all the episodes 2 times xx
1757 days ago
10/10 yasssss lol I freaking love this show
1777 days ago

btw rewatch the episode- CHERYL AND MOOSE DO KISS
1779 days ago
um guys sheryl and kevin DID kissed in Archies party.
1784 days ago
Cheryl and Moose never KISS

1785 days ago
Cheryl and moose did not kiss... EVER!
1791 days ago
I got 10/10 I have watched a bunch of times!!!