How Well Do You Know Riverdale?

So, do you think you know the CW show Riverdale backwards and forwards? OK, well, I seriously doubt you know it better than this massive fan - namely, me! You're about to find out if you take my quiz right now! Please share it with your friends who love Riverdale, too!

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    Who narrates the show?
    Who narrates the show?

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1796 days ago
cliffed blosm i stalk uall
1818 days ago
I missed number 2...dang, Archie and Veronica maybe? Definitely NOT Moose and Cheryl lol
1858 days ago
10/10 I know riverdale off by heart ask me any question
1864 days ago
I got 10/10 yaya ♥️♥️
1872 days ago
Yes I got 10/10!!!I just freaking love RIVERDALE SOOOO MUCH!
1873 days ago
Did really good surprisingly
1881 days ago
I did surprisingly well
1896 days ago
As soon as I saw Toni's name I just got really happy. Idk why but she and Cheryl are better than any and everybody else.
1897 days ago
I love riverdale and I'm 9 it's so funny I ship bughead and Teryl and Archie and Veronica the part were they showered together it was awsome
1913 days ago
Toni & Cheryl then Kevin & Moose!!
1913 days ago
I ship Teryl and Koose!!!!!!
1913 days ago
Chonie? Sounds like the underwear chonies!
1913 days ago
100%! 🙌 yay
1917 days ago
fred was shot at season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
1917 days ago
Hi Molly! Mole and Cheryl did kiss in episode 10! Kissed at Jughead summer birthday party! Please do you research before making a hate comment! But your comment was great!😊
1918 days ago
You got question 2 wrong it wasn't all of them, it would have been all of them if you said Cheryl and Archie not Cheryl and moose. Please do all your research properly before submitting your quiz. But the quiz was great 😊
1919 days ago
I ship bughead & chonie 😘😘
1923 days ago
I ship bughead
1925 days ago
1925 days ago
sorry but i ship #barchie