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  • 1
    How many people attacked Archie at Mr.Svensons house?
  • 2
    What did Betty use to hit chic when he attacked her mom and Alice?
  • 3
    What are the St.Claires main business?

  • 4
    What is Chic held down with in the Cooper basement?
  • 5
    How did Charles really die?
  • 6
    Why did Nick St. Claire kidnap Archie?

  • 7
    What color dress is Veronica wearing when she meets at Pops with Nick?
  • 8
    How much did it cost for a single bed a night where chic used to stay?
  • 9
    What did Charles always do for the woman in his building?
  • 10
    Where does Veronica hide the pill that she uses to put Nick down?

  • 11
    What does Archie use to escape the place he is being held?
  • 12
    How much of a chance is chic given that he will still survive the black hood chasing him?
  • 13
    What does Veronica say all the extra money is?
  • 14
    Where does Betty tell Alice that she took Chic to get him to leave??
  • 15
    When Archie goes door-to-door campaigning what is he really looking for?
  • 16
    What color scheme is Veronica’s bedroom?

  • 17
    What is the food they find in Hals old apartment?
  • 18
    Which two families are most often seen drinking alcohol/wine?
  • 19
    What does Betty always drink at breakfast?
  • 20
    How many rings does Fangs have on his left hand?

  • 21
    What color pen does Veronica use to interview for business?
  • 22
    What is the name of the sheriff that replaced Tom Keller?
  • 23
    What did Betty want to eat when she was at the register?
  • 24
    Where does Cheryl say Chic may have caught a train too?
  • 25
    What was Betty wearing when she confessed her darkness?
  • 26
    Why was fangs put into handcuffs?

  • 27
    What does Reggie call the bulldogs when they are going to raid the whyte wyrm?
  • 28
    What did the dark circle do when they attacked the whyte wyrm?
  • 29
    What color is Betty’s phone case?
  • 30
    What is the color Hermione is wearing when they have the debate?

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1629 days ago
Charels died because Chic killed him. Chic said that he overdosed because he didn't want to admit that he killed Charels.
1892 days ago
Actually Chic said he Od'ed on jj but tge neighbor said that Chic and Charles were fighting and she saw bloody pillows and sheets the next day. So it was actually Chic who killed Charles. The overdose was his lie.