Are You A Rocky Horror Freak?
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Are You A Rocky Horror Freak?

Question 1:Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture show a ridiculous amount of times?
Question 2:Do you know all the lines in the movie and the lyrics to the song?
Question 3:Do you know the Audience Participation lines?
Question 4:Have you been to a late night showing of RHPS?
Question 5:Did you not just have to think about what RHPS stood for?
Question 6:At the late night showing did you get dressed up?
Question 7:Do you have a specific character you ALWAYS dress up as?
Question 8:When you meet people for the first time do you ask them to call you by this characters name? (i.e "Hi I’m, Sally but call me Columbia")
Question 9:Do you always refer to Tim Curry as 'Frankie' no matter what he is acting in?
Question 10:When you see Barry Botswick do you automatically yell 'ASSHOLE!'?
Question 11:When you see Susan Sarandon do you automatically yell 'SLUT!'?
Question 12:Have you picked of habits and characteristics of whatever character you dress up as? (i.e. Riff's waggling thumb)
Question 13:Is it your dream to meet the criminologist and tell him once and for all that he has NO FUCKING NECK?
Question 14:Do you own the RHPS on video just so you can practise?
Question 15:Do you own a watergun that is SOLEY for the purpose of going to the show?
Question 16:Do you even know what I'm talking about in the previous question?
Question 17:Do you get defensive when people make fun of Transvestites ?('Have a little compassion for the late Frank n' Furter!')
Question 18:Whenever someone says damnit do you automatically respond with Janet?
Question 19:Are you upset if they don’t respond with I love you?
Question 20:Have you ever built an exact replica of any part of Frank's castle?

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