Rocky Horror Idiot Savant Quiz

The Rocky Horror Show has returned to Broadway. Along with that, a new age of followers have arrived: The Idiot Savants. But are you really one? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:Where do buns go to dance?
In a barn dance!
They don't dance.
At a bun dance!
In abundance!

Question 2:What does Frank like on his corn flakes?
How am I supposed to know that?

Question 3:'It came from...' --Where?
Janet's Face!
Outer Space!
Human Race!
none of the above

Question 4:Who of the following is an original Rocky Horror Phantom?
Asa Somers
Jason Wooten
Jon Sharp
Matt Morrisson

Question 5:Who of the following has not been a guest host narrator?
Dick Cavett
William Shatner
Robin Leach
Cindy Adams
Dave Holmes

Question 6:What keeps Frank's hair so white?
Trick question! His hair's not white.
It's natural!

Question 7:What's up Janet's ass?
There's a shining star!
There's a guiding star!

Question 8:Which narrator gives the finger to someone at the end of EVERY show?
Jerry Springer
Dick Cavett
Dave Holmes
Robin Leach
none of the above

Question 9:Which tellytubby does Rocky carry around with him?
Tinky Winky
La La

Question 10:Final Question:I know you're shivering with antici--?

This Quiz has been designed by Magenta's Little Helper.