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Roseanne is my favorite show in the world. Let's see who knows the most about it!

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    What did Darlene name her daughter?

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1122 days ago
1 if the questions i got wrong was " how old was Becky when she eloped " .. my answer was 17 and it came back i got it wrong??? The test answer they had was 16 and That was totally incorrect... i know she was 17 not 16 for the simple fact that I remember the episode about Becky and mark coming 2 visit after they eloped... when Roseanne and Dan where in their bedroom talking and Dan was so angry , he was talking about beating up mark and getting the marriage annaled. And Roseannes reaction was" yea, then in a couple months when she turns 18 she will go do it all over again but this time she won't talk 2 us and never see her,, atleast this way we will get holidays and maybe some birthdays but if u go up there and do something stupid,,, that's it ,we never see her again" THAT'S HOW I KNOW 4 A FACT I WAS RIGHT AND THE QUIZ MAKER WAS WRONG,,, they should really know the right answers and facts before they making a quiz,,,, i mean how do u make a QUIZ for something n u don't even know the correct answers 2 your own questions.... THAT IS
REALLY CRAZY...LOL. SO A RECOMMENDATION, , u "OBVIOUSLY !!!!" need /should go back and do some more research before u want to make any more quizzes. 😲..... making quizzes 2 test people knowledge,,,,n the quiz maker, don't even know the answer 2 the questions they r asking 🤔 !!!!! THAT'S REAL NICE 👏👏👎😝
1560 days ago
it is Harris--not Paris. also don't think 16 is right eitehr
1631 days ago
Agreed !! The baby was in NICU with all the females when Darlene named her all 3 last names !!!! Becky was a Senior when she eloped at 17 yo maybe before you make a test double check your facts
1869 days ago
I would've gotten every question correct, but two answers are incorrect..
2034 days ago
Yeah! What they said! It's Harris, not Paris. She eloped at 17. AND it's Jerry-not Gerry. Are you trying to drive us true Roseanne fans crazy?
2168 days ago
Two of these questions are incorrect. The question that asks the name of Darlene and David's baby is incorrect. The answer should be Harris Conner Healy, not Conner Healy. The other question that asks the age of Becky when her and Mark eloped is also incorrect. The correct answer is 17, not 16. This is mentioned by Roseanne when talking to Dan in one episode during season 8.
2457 days ago
You do NOT know your Roseanne trivia! Darlene's baby's name is Hartis Conner Healy. Becky eloped when she was 17. Also, his name is Jerry not Gerry.
2483 days ago
Um, Darlene named the baby Harris, not Paris. 🦄??? Check your questions & answers.