Are you a true Roswellian?
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Are you a true Roswellian?

Yeah, you might like the show "Roswell," but are you a REAL fan?!

Question 1:Do you believe in aliens?
Of course!!! How dare you imply they're not real!!??!!
Not really. I mean, I'm not denying it's possible, but I don't think any aliens have shown up around this galaxy!
No way! That's just something some hick-loser in the desert made up.
Yes, kind of.

Question 2:What's your dream job?
I'd be a scientist of some kind
None of those stupid jobs.....
Well, I'd work as a waitress (or waiter) for a while before becoming a molecular biologist....
A writer for a well known newspaper or such.

Question 3:What's your favorite drink?
Cherry pepsi
Cherry coke.....maybe with a little tobasco sauce in it

Question 4:If given one of the books below to read, which would you choose?
A magazine
Harry Potter
The Roswell UFO Crash (What They Don't Want You To Know) by Kal Korff
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Question 5:If a girl gets hurt nearby you, you....
Wished you had powers, but instead try to fix the wound the human way
Call an ambulance
Run up to her and attempt to heal her
Hurt? Oh, they should just suck it up!

Question 6:Your favorite fruit is....
Who gives a damn about fruit?
Strawberries....especially sweet ones

Question 7:You're ideal environment is...
The desert
A busy city
A forest

Question 8:What do you think of when you hear the word 'harvest'?
...this is a messed up question....
fake skin
I can't put my finger on it...I'm undecided

Question 9:When people ask you if Roswell is still your favorite show, you answer...
Roswell used to be my favorite show, but it got cancelled, though I do still watch reruns...
OF COURSE!! Who cares if it's cancelled? It's still the best show ever!
Not really. I used to like it, but now I watch things that are actually running

Question 10:Which of the following movies do you like the best?
The Matrix
Sleepless In Seattle

Question 11:Your dream car is a...
Red convertible

Question 12:How much do like Christmas?
I love it
I like it....I mean, come on, presents!
Not much. It's cool, but nothing I really get into
I'm obsessed with it! Everything has to be perfect!

Question 13:Do you keep a journal?
Oh yeah! I write everything in it....and I mean EVERYTHING
Yes, I write sometimes about the important stuff
Uh huh, but I have a hard time remembering to write in it...

Question 14:What's the best part of a carnival?
The games
The house of mirrors
The ferries wheel
The food

Question 15:Would you ever go to a psychic?
No, they're fake

Question 16:Where's the most romantic place for a marriage proposal?
A restaurant
The desert
On a balcony lit up with string lights and candles
The park

Question 17:Do you believe in destiny?
I believe people make their own destinies...
I don't care.
I don't know.

Question 18:What's your favorite tv station right now?

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