Is your TV IQ up to scratch?
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Is your TV knowledge up to scratch?

Find out how much you really know about TV shows!

Question 1:FRIENDS#1:In the episode where Ross and Emily were getting married, who's name did Ross say at the altar, and which two friends hooked up?
Ross said Phoebe's name, and on this night Chandler and Phoebe hooked up.
Ross said Emily's name, and on this night Ross and Rachel hooked up.
Ross said Rachel's name, and on this night Chandler and Monica hooked up.

Question 2:THE SIMPSONS#1: Homer's fave song is...
The Macarina
Chipmunk Dance Techno
It's Raining Men

Question 3:SEINFELD#1: Kramer said what in a Woody Allen movie, but got fired before it aired?
Goddamit man, he said he wanted a beer!
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
I won't leave till I see it through!

Question 4:MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE#1: In the episode where Hal was obsessed with powerwalking, what colour was his special suit?
Flame coloured

Question 5:FRIENDS#2: Who played Elizabeth's father? Who went out with Elizabeth and how old was she?
Ronn Moss played Elizabeth's dad, who's 26 and dating Joey.
Bruce Willis played Elizabeth's dad, who's 21 and dating Ross.
Johnny Depp played Elizabeth's dad, who's 28 and dating Ross.
Luke Wilson played Elizabeth's dad, who's 27 and dating Joey.

Question 6:SEINFELD#2: In the episode where Jerry complains about his girlfriend's dress, what colour is it?
Blue and White
Red and White
Navy and Pale Blue
Black and White

Question 7:THE SIMPSONS#2: In the episode where Bart and Homer start a business selling Grease, who are their competitors and who does the voice of Alex?
Bart and Homer are challenged by the Janitor Willy, and the voice of Alex is Winona Ryder.
Bart and Homer are challenged by Barney, Moe, Lenny and Carl, and the voice of Alex is Julia Roberts.
Bart and Homer are challenged by Acne Grease Co, and the voice of Alex is Lisa Kudrow.

Question 8:SEINFELD#2: In the episode where Jerry, George and Jerry's girlfriend knock out Bette Midler... a) Where do they do it? and b) What flavour Italian Ice does Kramer get for her?
A) At "Rochelle, Rochelle", and B) Tutti Frutti
A) At a marathon, and B) Rasberry
A) At a baseball Match, and B) Pineapple

Question 9:MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE#2: In the episode where they go to the zoo, which two brothers get stuck with tigers, and their other brother gets stalked by a what?
Reese and Dewey get stuck with the tigers, and a seal chases Malcom
Malcom and Reese get stuck with the tigers, and Dewey gets chased by a Llama.
Dewey and Malcom get stuck with tigers, and a goat chases Reese.

Question 10:Finally, which of these sequences are the real guest stars from FRIENDS, THE SIMPSONS and SEINFELD?
Michael Douglas, John Travolta, Bette Midler, Mel Gibson, John McCook
Jennifer Lopez, Joshua Jackson, Brad Pitt, Lisa Kudrow, Danny DeVito, Sandra Olamen.
Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Bette Midler, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry.

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