T.V. Trivia
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T.V. Trivia

This quiz is dedicated to some of the greatest T.V. shows in history. See how well you know these T.V. shows.

Question 1:   On Seinfeld, George says the name he would choose for his first child would be "Seven". Why does he like this name?
Mickey Mantel's number
That's how many siblings his has
That's his lucky number

Question 2:   On Seinfeld, what is Cramer's first name?
Cramer is his first name

Question 3:   On Friends, which two "friends" fell in love with each other and got married?
Chandler and Monica
Monica and Rachel
Joey and Phoebie

Question 4:   On Friends, which of these stars has NOT made a guest appearance?
Bruce Willis
Ozzy Osbourne
Brad Pitt

Question 5:   How many seasons did Cheers run?

Question 6:   On Cheers, what was Sam Malone's nickname given to him during his baseball days?
The man
Strike out king

Question 7:   On Frasier, what city does the show take place?
New York City

Question 8:   Everyone's favorite Boston bar, Cheers, closed it's doors in the spring of 1993. When did it's spin-off, Frasier, premiere?
Fall, 1994
Fall, 1996
Fall, 1993

Question 9:   On Wings, what is Helen's sister's name?

Question 10:   On Wings, Joe and Brian Hacket own their own business. What is its name?
Sandpiper Air
We love Ozzy Osbourne

This Quiz has been designed by N. H. Piersee.