How Well Do You Know Shadowhunters? Quiz

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Let's see if you are a real fan of the show!

  • 1
    Where did Clary meet Jace, Alec and Izzy?
  • 2
    Where did Jace and Clary first kiss?
  • 3
    Why did Clary go to the other dimension?

  • 4
    When Jace and Clary went to Renwik's who did they find?
  • 5
    How did Valentine get the Mortal Sword?
  • 6
    Are Jace and Clary siblings?

  • 7
    Who is Magnus Bane?
  • 8
    Why can Clary see those runes?
  • 9
    What is Jace's last name? (sorry for book question oops)
  • 10
    How many Mortal Instruments are there?

  • 11
    Does Clary have a brother?
  • 12
    Last Question. Will there be a season 4?
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969 days ago
I think i need to reread the books lol
1574 days ago
Ummm....... in the books clary went to Edom (ANOTHER DIMENSION) to rescue Luke, Magnus, Raffael and her MOTHER.
1577 days ago
Right at Renwicks the abandoned hospital they found Clary father not jaces ... Also they found jaces "fAther" at the place where valentine held dot captive (not even jaces real father but ok). Also they found Clarys mum so why wasn't Jocelyn the answer BC valentine was with them all the time so they didnt find him, he gave him self up
1618 days ago
hay what if your answering 12 after you know there wont be a fourth season
1648 days ago
I meant *clears throat*
Jake's dad is...etcetera
Blah, blah by the angel*s🚔ing* I go on.
1648 days ago
Ummm... Since when is Valentine Morgenstern Jace's father?! STEPHEN HERONDALE!!! Stephen wasn't in Renwick's, he was in a grave as he had been for 18 years!
1732 days ago
can i just say, i took this quiz after they announced that shadowhunters wont be coming back for a fourth season, just season 3B
1861 days ago
I got “you watched just season 1”
Not even based on the books
1897 days ago
I got 12/13 the question I got wrong was do you like this quiz a lot.... wow really???
2242 days ago
On the question that said who did they find at renwicks I said Clary’s father but the test said that it was Jaces father. That is wrong for 2 reasons 1 is because it was actually Clarys father he was just disguised at Jaces father and 2 because in the end of the show we found out that Michel Wayland isn’t even Jaces father and also when I took this test there is going to be a season 4. I’m not meaning to hate though I’m just letting you know.
2346 days ago
11 out of 12. People, i read the books okay. In Renwick, they didn't meet JACE's father. He was CLARY's. In the end Clary's brother was Jonathan Christopher/Sebastian Morgenstern. If he had been Jace's father, they wouldn't have been together.
2366 days ago
All dem yaaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
2376 days ago
All of dem right yay