How Well Do You Know ShadowHunters?

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Are you the biggest Shadowhunters fan? You will find out in this quiz

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    What is Clary's special power?

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165 days ago
Make more quizzes of the Shadowhunter the mortal instruments
245 days ago
Correct me if i'm wrong, but Magnus was a high warlock of Brooklyn and Idris too, right?
318 days ago
bluesquaredawn, you are actually right. Clary had her memories erased. Having her memories erased didn't mean she didn't have the sight. Her mother had to take her back to Magnus every year to have her memories erased again, which meant she STILL had the sight. SaltyNaan, IZZZZ and idk, you are also the correct ones.
601 days ago
I didn't know Alec's birthday... sad
903 days ago
to IZZZZ: u r the correct one here and fax
974 days ago
I thought it was good but Clary did have the sight but every year Magnus erased her memories of any of the shadow world because he couldn't get rid of her sight completely without consequences. This is true in the BOOK and film (so bluesquaredawn was not just 'salty')
1195 days ago
Clary has always had the sight. It says so in the books and show. That's the whole reason why her mother took her to Magnus.
1207 days ago
I thought this quiz was excellent! Bluesquaredawn is just salty she got an answer wrong. Clary did NOT have the sight as it was taken away by Magnus Bane, as is one of the answers. Next time instead of complaining, actually read the books and see that you made a mistake. This quiz was great and accurate. Also, Jace is a SUPER babe.
1233 days ago
the quiz is slightly incorrect. clary did have the sight as a child. she was seeing goblins and pixies in the park so jocelyn took her to magnus again