Shadowhunters- Who said it?

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  • 1
    "I would've done the same thing."
  • 2
    "I could kill you with my magic right now but I'd rather make Jace watch as I tear you apart with his Hands"
  • 3
    "Like you said. People change."

  • 4
    "The downworlders I take under my wing they are my children. My Family."
  • 5
    "I was indeed excepting you. I only wondered when."
  • 6
    "I know where Valentines hiding. I can lead you to him"

  • 7
    "Okay, the sangria may have been to strong."
  • 8
    "I know you think you're trying to make things right but you're not"
  • 9
    "It is my honor. Though if you are mistaken wich I fear you might be."
  • 10
    "Yeah, just point and stab, right?"

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