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Smallville quotes

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How well do you watch Smallville? Only true fans can answer these questions! Are you up to the challenge?

  • 1
    "I am the villain of the story."
  • 2
    "I'm not from around here."
  • 3
    "To me, your more than just a hero; you're a superhero."

  • 4
    "I would be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark Kent someday."
  • 5
    "We didn't find him; he found us."
  • 6
    "Extraterrestrial? You mean I'm some sort of alien?"

  • 7
    Pete-"Yeah, I saw a spaceship. I even met an alien."
    Chloe-"Really? Would you like to describe it?"
  • 8
    "The Disciples of Zod...they must be stopped."
  • 9
    "You have one of the most boring hobbies known to man: rock collecting."
  • 10
    Victor-"What's that?"
    Lex-"It's just something to help you relax."

  • 11
    "I'm half fish."
  • 12
    In Jinx, what does Jonathan say getting hit by Clark is like?
  • 13
    "I am off to see Clark Kent in a wet t-shirt."
  • 14
    "So, what are you, Clark: man or superman?"
  • 15
    " 'Principal Authorizes New Gym Mats: by Clark Kent.' I know I was riveted."
  • 16
    "Wow. They grow them big in Kansas."

  • 17
    "You have your father's eyes. Hello, Kal-El."
  • 18
    "The life of someone close to you will be exchanged for yours."
  • 19
    "Close, but I'm not one of them. I was only made by them."
  • 20
    "It's not him. Kal-El would not bleed."

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