Star Trek Trivia

Here is trivia that will challenge your knowledge of Star Trek. The questions are from all the series with a few questions from the movies. Have Fun!

Question 1:What is Seven Of Nine's Full Designation?
7 of 9 Tutiary Ajunt of unimatrix 5
7 of 9 Voyager's Cargo Bay
none of these
7 of 9 Turtiary Ajunt of unimatrix 01

Question 2:In what episode did Jadzia Dax die?
End of 6th season
End of 4th season
Beginning of 3rd season
None of these

Question 3:What is Enterprise's Registry Number?

Question 4:Where did Species 8472 live?
Normal Space
Fluidic Space
Bajorin Worm Hole

Question 5:Who created the astrometrics lab on voyager?
Seven of Nine & Harry Kim
Harry Kim
Seven Of Nine

Question 6:In what movie did the enterprise-D get destroyed?
Star Trek Insurrection
Star Trek: The Search For Spock
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek First Contact
Didn't get destroyed

Question 7:Who made the delta flyer?
Harry Kim
All of Voyager's Crew
Tom Paris & Engineers

Question 8:In what episode did Tom Paris get demoted?
"30 days"
"Concerning Flight"
None of these

Question 9:What was the name of the series premier of Voyager?
End Game

Question 10:Who had the nickname, "Bones"?
Dr. Macoy
The Doctor
Dr. Bashier

Question 11:What kind of unique feature is on the defiant?
advanced shuttles
cloaking device+ablative armor
borg shields
no unique features

Question 12:Is the defiant a warship?
what's a warship?

Question 13:How many years does the race, "The Ocompa" live?
9 years
2 years
100 years

Question 14:How fast can the Enterprise NX-01 go?
warp 9.9
warp 1
impulse only
warp 4.3

Question 15:What is data's brother's name?
Data The Second
Twin Data
Doesn't have a brother

Question 16:What is the name of the genetically enhanced beings that were in ST Insurrection?
The Son'a
The Suliban
The Baku

Question 17:In what shows has the mirror universe been featured?
Voyager Only
Original Star Trek Only
Deep Space Nine
None of these
Deep Space Nine & The Original Star Trek

Question 18:What two people survived the crash and changed time when the slip stream drive malfunctioned in the voyager's episode, "Timeless"?
Janeway & Chakotay
The Doctor & Kes
Harry Kim & Chakotay
Tom Paris & Harry Kim
Seven Of Nine & Echeb

Question 19:What actor/actress has done two roles on star trek deep space nine?
Jeffrey Combs
Marc Alamo
Terry Ferrel
Andrew Robinson
Casey Biggs

Question 20:Who broke the warp 10 berrier, but morphed in to a lizard like creature because of it?
Tom Paris
The Doctor

This Quiz has been designed by Matthew.