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This is the greatest movie quiz for Trekkies minor Star Trek fans. It’s not extremely hard, but you have to have seen all the movies to a 100%.

  • 1
    THE MOTION PICTURE: What does Dr. McCoy have at the beginning of the movie that he doesn’t have in the Original Series (or later, for that matter)?
  • 2
    THE MOTION PICTURE: What is the name of the alien Enterprise helmsman that goes to join V’Ger?
  • 3
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the name of the ship that Khan hijacks?

  • 4
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: Out of the choices below, who does not die in this movie?
  • 5
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the animal, and what planet is it on, that takes over Captain and Pavel Chekov?
  • 6
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the name of the test that Saavik fails at the beginning of the movie?

  • 7
    THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK: What ship is assigned to stop Kirk from stealing the Enterprise (it is also supposed to be the “Pride of the Fleet”)?
  • 8
    THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK: What are the words Kirk speaks as he kicks Klingon Commander Kruge into the lava?
  • 9
    THE VOYAGE HOME: What year do Kirk and his group travel back to, and what city do they go to?
  • 10
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who do the crew on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey meet in the past?

  • 11
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who does Spock give a neck pinch to in San Francisco?
  • 12
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who is in Starfleet headquarters while it is under attack that reappears in The Undiscovered Country?
  • 13
    THE FINAL FRONTIER: Who is the character most prominent character throughout the movie, and what is their quest?
  • 14
    THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY: Where is the secret peace conference, which also becomes the sight for devastating massacre?
  • 15
    THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY: Who is the Starfleet officer aboard the Enterprise which turns out to be a traitor?
  • 16
    GENERATIONS: What ship was on its maiden run when part of its hull was breeched resulting in Captain Kirk’s “death”?

  • 17
    GENERATIONS: What is the Solar System in which Dr. Soran decimated the sun in order to move the Nexus into his path?
  • 18
    GENERATIONS: What is installed in Data that impairs his decision making and duty?
  • 19
    GENERATIONS: Who besides Dr. Soran was on the El-Aurian ship (who also reappeared in the Next Generation)?
  • 20
    GENERATIONS: Who is found near the end of the movie that causes "joy" to Data?

  • 21
    FIRST CONTACT: Who is the helmsman of the Enterprise-E who eventually is assimilated?
  • 22
    FIRST CONTACT: Who is drunk in the bar with Cochrane when Will Riker walks in?
  • 23
    FIRST CONTACT: What is the temperature of a Borg ship that also becomes the temperature of the Enterprise in Engineering?
  • 24
    FIRST CONTACT: What is the Enterprise-E assigned to do instead of engage the Borg because of Picard’s conflict of interest?
  • 25
    INSURRECTION: Who are aliens at the formal banquet on the Enterprise at the beginning of the movie (of which the leader gives Picard a ceremonial headband)?
  • 26
    INSURRECTION: What was Worf experiencing on the planet of the Ba’ku?

  • 27
    INSURRECTION: Which of these lines is not from Insurrection?
  • 28
    NEMESIS: What is the name of Data’s twin android that is found and assembled?
  • 29
    NEMESIS: What is the race of Praetor Shinzon’s first officer?
  • 30
    STAR TREK: What is the theme/subject for the XIth Star Trek movie?

Comments (3)


1311 days ago
In question 28: The name of Datas brother is B-4 not 'Before'!
2669 days ago
Please disregard the last comment.

I now know I misread it. The question states "NOT FROM'. My bad.
2669 days ago
Number 27 has a mistake.
INSURRECTION: Which of these lines is not from Insurrection?

“No uniform, no orders.”

Sorry, you didn't choose a correct answer. Right answer: “Tough little ship.”

“Mr. Worf, you need a haircut.”

“Lock and Load.”

Tough little ship is actually what Riker said to Worf in First Contact.
I was right about 'Lock and Load' which Data said in Insurection.