Star Trek Universe Quiz!

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Welcome to the Star Trek Universe Quiz. Test your knowledge of general star trek trivia with these 20 Questions!

  • 1
    Which role did Majel Barrett NOT play?
  • 2
    Star Trek was the brain child of which great visionary?
  • 3
    When "Ambassador" Neelix and Captain Janeway first spoke, what was Neelix doing?

  • 4
    What did the doctor introduce to the Qomar, a seemingly advanced species, that impressed their world?
  • 5
    Quark was most ashamed of his mother when she:
  • 6
    In the Next Generation, Captain Picard was the captain of which ships?

  • 7
    When Neelix agreed to help Voyager, it was initially for the exchange of what hard to find commodity?
  • 8
    Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg, was an El-Aurian which are a species NOT known for
  • 9
    When Q pops in for a visit, which character is he at least MILDLY afraid?
  • 10
    Which character has suffered from Holo Addiction?

  • 11
    In TOS, Captain Kirk's full name was:
  • 12
    In DS9, Tribbles were a known nuisance to which other race?
  • 13
    On Voyager, how many children were born?
  • 14
    Another easy one. Seven of Nine, Brought aboard Voyager in the Delta Quadrant as a Borg, was originally what race before assimilation?
  • 15
    Species 8472 exist in what kind of space?
  • 16
    The holographic doctor of Voyager was designed on Jupiter Station by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, a holoengineer, without being given a name. After 33 long years, what name did the doctor finally select?

  • 17
    The creator of data was:
  • 18
    Scott Bakula, Captain of Enterprise NX-01, also played a starring role of what television series?
  • 19
    Which series crew went back in time to TOS and walked around on the original NCC 1701 with Captain Kirk in command?
  • 20
    The Vulcan ritual that is performed to eliminate all emotion is called the:

Comments (7)


66 days ago
1. YOU'RE wrong.
2. Don't fall asleep.
1131 days ago
Question 13 is wrong. The Borg drone 'One' while it was created using sevens DNA and Borg implants, wasn't 'born' on voyager. He only existed as a baby while in a maturation chamber and when he did emerge, he was a fully formed adult drone.
1489 days ago
Suggested question: How many different words do the Ferengi have for 'rain'?
1677 days ago
You forgto kes also had a child and a grandchild (2). noami was born on two versions of voyagers (2) + your three is 7.

From wiki:
In "Before and After",[21] Kes participates in Voyager's year-long battle with the Krenim during the "Year of Hell",[22] becoming infected with particles from a chronoton torpedo. She later marries Tom Paris, and they have a daughter Linnis. Linnis is married to Harry Kim and they have a son named Andrew, grandson of Kes.
1942 days ago
Question 6 is technically incorrect.
While Picard was indeed captain of both the Enterprise-D and the Stargazer, he was only the former during TNG, which the question is asking for.
If all the ships he has captained were asked for, the answer would still be incorrect because he also captained the Enterprise-E later, which is missing in the answer.
1953 days ago
I don’t care for question 18. It’s not a Star Trek question; it’s a question about another project/show by an actor who had a role in Star Trek.
1991 days ago
Doh forgot 7 of 9 had a "baby"