Star Trek Voyager Quiz!

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Test your knowledge of Star Trek Voyager with these 20 questions!

  • 1
    The Omega Directive was created by Starfleet. What were all Starfleet Captains trained to do if an Omega Molecule is detected?
  • 2
    What class starship is Voyager?
  • 3
    Which quadrant was Voyager hurled into in the first episode?

  • 4
    How far did Voyager get "flung" by the Caretaker?
  • 5
    Which species was NOT found in the Delta quadrant?
  • 6
    What is the average life span of an Ocampa?

  • 7
    When the caretakers mate was discovered, the mate:
  • 8
    Which officer acted disruptive, showing up tardy and having a bad attitude so he could act as though he wanted to leave Voyager to draw out the Kazon spy?
  • 9
    When the doctor program was left running for so long, his matrix started to degrade into a "cascading failure" How did he survive?
  • 10
    Q, the son of Q, befriended which Voyager inhabitant?

  • 11
    Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway were both left on a planet to potentially live the rest of their lives when they couldn't find a cure for their disease. What animal TYPE was Janeway close to befriending?
  • 12
    When Chakotay and Janeway were left together on the planet, Chakotay made this for Janeway as a gift:
  • 13
    While Chakotay and Janeway were together on the planet, Janeway was obsessed with capturing what for research of their disease?
  • 14
    Seven of Nine received social lessons from:
  • 15
    Neelix was killed on an away mission. What brought him back?
  • 16
    When first arriving in the Delta Quadrant, at maximum warp without stopping to explore anything, how long would it take Voyager to get home?

  • 17
    What couple got married, with Captain Janeway officiating?
  • 18
    The caretaker and his mate are what type of beings?
  • 19
    In times of great sorrow, Neelix and his ancestors take comfort in the belief that when you die:
  • 20
    Two people were replaced from another Voyager ship. Who were they?

Comments (4)


249 days ago
Ann was right. If Omega molecules were found, they had to be destroyed.
977 days ago
Maybe Dave is not so far out, Janeway said on a briefing "If we where in the Alpha Quadrant Star Fleet would send specialized vehicle", so even tough destruction of the molecule is a goal, it would not be done by ship that discovered and its crew, so truth is in the middle.
2056 days ago
Wrong Dave. It was to destroy it.
2143 days ago
The direction for the omega molecule is to alert starfleet and not do anything