Romulan/Federation Encounters

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Test your knowledge about Romulan and Federation Encounters.

  • 1
    What ship received word about a possible Iconian Gateway in the Neutral Zone?
  • 2
    A Romulan scout ship crashed on what Federation planet?
  • 3
    The USS Enterprise was ordered to take which Federation Ambassador to the Romulan Neutral Zone to discuss the establishment of full diplomatic relations?

  • 4
    In 2367, what did the Romulans attempt to destroy?
  • 5
    During the Reunification attempt, the Romulan military had stolen several Vulcan ships to transport soldiers in an invasion of Vulcan. Who learned of and warned the Federation of their plan?
  • 6
    In what system was there a disruption of anti-time creating a temporal anomaly?

  • 7
    Romulans captured what prototype Starship?
  • 8
    During the Dominion War who consented to installing a cloaking device on the USS Defiant?
  • 9
    Who pledged to destroy the Federation should he become the next Praetor?
  • 10
    What major catastrophe happened in 2387?

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