The Hardest "Stranger Things" Quiz | Do I Know The Show?

This is the HARDEST Stranger Things quiz you'll probably ever find! I created it especially for fans like us. Everyone who dares to take it can show how well YOU paid attention to the show! Try it now! That is, unless you don't really know the show and aren't up to the challenge? ;-)

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    Who curses the most during the show?
    Who curses the most during the show?

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86 days ago
My bestie bestie got 13/15 yas guys
86 days ago
Im quizzing one of my besties rn so ya ill tell yall what she gets
89 days ago
89 days ago
Billy did it with Karen and now i'm here.
141 days ago
165 days ago
197 days ago
226 days ago
417 days ago
got 15/15 im a total stranger head! im literallly obsessed with the show and im dying waiting for the new season! i started watching ghostbusters around halloween because of it, listening to LA devotee by panic at the disco because Noah Schnapp is in the music video. wow all these comments were a while ago but oh well, ive nver done this quiz before i used to only do like character quizes..... which ive gotten Will, El, MADMAX on before cant complain. but why are the little kid versions of mike and will so much better then well season 3 versions..... season 4 should be intresting
552 days ago
Dustin is my favorite character in stranger things, I love him so much, I got a 14/15 on this quiz. Am I a true fan?
596 days ago
I have watched stranger things 13 times and Dustin is my favorite and I loved this quiz I got 14 out of 15 and my sister who loves will Byers and she got 6 out of 15 she is not a true fan
685 days ago
is anyone else watching stranger things for the 11th time and taking this test? no? just me? great..
759 days ago
Who you gonna call the nerds
763 days ago
i got 12 out of 15 did hopper really die at episode 7 season2?
817 days ago
"You can't spell America without Erica"-Erica, season 3
818 days ago
I watched this TV show 3 times in one week and am ready after doing god knows how many stranger things quizzes
845 days ago
845 days ago
The pumpkins didn’t rot they did actually have a portal to the upside down..
856 days ago
number 2 is wrong. when the storm happened it did fry the telephone, ut that wasn't when they found the will body in the quarry.
901 days ago
September 2020 we get season four! Oh my god I'm so excited I cried when it ended