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Let's see how hardcore of a Supernatural fan you are:)

  • 1
    Who killed Jessica Lee Moore, Sam's girlfriend?
  • 2
    Which one of the following songs has NOT been featured on Supernatural?
  • 3
    Which character said the following line? "And when he touches down, we're talking Four Horsemen, red oceans, fiery skies, the greatest hits."

  • 4
    What calms Dean down when he's nervous about taking a flight?
  • 5
    Which character was first a friend of the Winchesters and then turned into an enemy?
  • 6
    Which character was originally responsible for the hunt for Dean and Sam at the FBI, and later helped the Winchesters?

  • 7
    In which episode did Castiel say "I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve man."
  • 8
    Which kid did Dean convince to finally talk after a traumatizing experience, and taught him to say "Zeppelin rules!"
  • 9
    Who is the torture master down in Hell?
  • 10
    Did Azazel die, and if so, who killed him and how?

  • 11
    What is the name of Lucifer's Vessel for most of Season 5?
  • 12
    According to the Archangel Michael, the Winchester bloodline can be traced back to who?
  • 13
    According to Dean, who is Mulder and who is Scully?
  • 14
    What are the bands/artists Sam mentions before he says "It's the greatest hits of mullet rock."?
  • 15
    Who "learned it from the pizza man?"

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