Ultimate Teen Wolf quiz

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This quiz will test you on how well you know Teen Wolf and how much you paid attention through out the show and will ultimately show how big of a fan you are of the show!

  • 1
    How many seasons are there of Teen Wolf?
  • 2
    Which main character has Scott NEVER hooked up with through out the seasons?
  • 3
    Which 2 characters died in the season 3B final?

  • 4
    Who was the villain of season 4?
  • 5
    How did Scott become the true Alpha?
  • 6
    What happens to Derek at the end of season 4?

  • 7
    How does Allison die?
  • 8
    Who controlled the kanima?
  • 9
    What year did Teen Wolf come out on mtv?
  • 10
    Who said " sarcasm is my only defense"?

  • 11
    What supernatural creature is Lydia Martin?
  • 12
    What is the first letter of Stiles's real name?
  • 13
    Who set the fire that Burt down the hale house?
  • 14
    Who is Liam?
  • 15
    What is Derek's mother's name?
  • 16
    Who said "it can be pretty extraordinary what the Force of your own will can accomplish"

  • 17
    What was the first ever line said on Teen Wolf?
  • 18
    Who has Lydia NOT kisses out of these main characters
  • 19
    What is Boyds real name?
  • 20
    When did the last ever episode of Teen Wolf air on mtv?

  • 21
    What is Allison's main weapon of choice?
  • 22
    Who DIDN'T say "I'm the alpha now!"

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663 days ago
but Scott hooked up with Lydia
688 days ago
Actually Boyd’s name was Vernon
1283 days ago
Actually Boyd’s real name is Vernon not Boyd
1418 days ago
Teen wolf is so kool i really love issac and liam who do you think is cuter girls
1559 days ago
1. The very first line of the show after both Scott and Stiles scream is "Stiles, what the hell are you doing", not "Stiles, what the hell".

2. If "hooked up" is supposed to refer to sex, then yes the answer is Lydia because he only kissed her once but otherwise he has "hooked up with all of them.

3. Boyd's real name is Vernon Boyd so the question is kinda dumb or at least the answers are because there are two correct answers in there.

4. Allison uses a compound bow, also known as a cross bow not a bow and arrow.

5. Derek's mother's name is spelt Talia, no H.

6. Alot of people seem to get this wrong but Allison died in season 3 episode 23 and aiden died in episode 24. THEY DID NOT DIE IN THE SAME EPISODE PEOPLE.

7. Lastly, although Peter was an alpha, he never actually said "I'm the alpha now". Both Derek and Scott said it but Peter never did. He said "I am the alpha, I've always been the alpha" after killing Jennifer but he never said "I'm the alpha now".
1674 days ago
quite a few wrong answers here, and questions with not an answer to go with it, like question 2, he hooked up with all of them
1690 days ago
if you don't know the answers don't do the quiz
1719 days ago
VERNON his name is Vernon
1773 days ago
Terrible quiz wrong answers
1779 days ago
Vernon is Boyds real name
1787 days ago
Oh and scott did hook up with lydia, it was in the first season but it was only a one time thing because of the moon.
1787 days ago
First of all Boyd is his last name and the very first thing Scott says it "stiles what the he'll are you doing" boyds accual name is vernon
1788 days ago
the first line is " stiles what the hell are you doing".
1788 days ago
This is bull it's "stiles what the hell are you doing!" And it's vernon is Boyds real name. And Alison's main weapon of choice is crossbow!!