Ultimate Teen Wolf Quiz

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This quiz shows your knowledge on Teen Wolf!

  • 1
    Who is 'La Loba" (the bone woman)?
  • 2
    How many seasons does Jackson Wittemore appear?
  • 3
    What is Deaton?

  • 4
    How does Kate almost kill Scott in season 4?
  • 5
    What colour is the wolfs bane shown in season 1?
  • 6
    Who becomes possessed?

  • 7
    Where do Jackson and Ethan live?
  • 8
    What was the name of Derek's girlfriend whom he had to kill?
  • 9
    How does Gerard Argent die?
  • 10
    What season does Derek evolve?

  • 11
    How does Alison Argent die?
  • 12
    What is Kira?
  • 13
    Why does Malia's "father" get sent out of the school (season 3b)?
  • 14
    How old is Alison Argent in season 1?
  • 15
    How does Scott die?

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1751 days ago
Scott doesnt die. what season did you get that from?? i watched teen wolf 3 fulp times and scott never dies.
1801 days ago
also... sorry to be this annoying. Theo isn't the one who kills Scott. you're right by saying he's killed. his heart does stop for longer than it should, even, so it's acceptable. but Liam is the one who does the dirty work. it might be Theo's fault but the blood was on Liam's hands...
also we are never 100% sure Gerard died... it's Teen Wolf after all lmao
one more thing: *Braeden, Beserker, Druid, Rio de Janeiro. sorry, I'm really being annoying lol
1801 days ago
question 14 is VERY tricky! you say her age is 1* BUT that is ONLY after her birthday. as the season starts she's NOT that age, so your criteria is kind of wrong lol or simply not specific enough
1825 days ago
Nordic Blue Monkshood" or (Aconit Napel Bleu Nordique). This is based on a real flower called Northern Blue Monkshood , good quiz though 13/15
1865 days ago
Scott never dies and Theo ends up being a semi-good guy actually
1882 days ago
Scott doesn't even die actually
1887 days ago
My. Name. Harmony. And. Iam huge. Teen. Wolf. Fan. And. I. Watch on. MTV. Every night. And. I. Like. All. Cast and crew and my. Faverite. One is. Dylan. O Brien he. My faverite one on teen wolf. And. My. Second favorite is. Tyler. Hoechiln. And. Tyler. Posey. Awayls. Been. My. Faveorite. Actors and. I love. Them. All every mush. And. I. Have. Dream. About. Them every them. And I. Always. Have. Them. By. My. Side. Forever. And I Always. Have. Loved them. Over. The years.