Teen wolf quiz! Season 1-6b

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  • 1
    How many seasons of teen wolf are there?
  • 2
    What did Scott give to Allison on the first day of school?
  • 3
    Finish the quote, “I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone...”

  • 4
    Who controlled the Kanima?
  • 5
    What season did Allison Argent die?
  • 6
    Allison was the first key to unlock the dead pool, who were the second and third?

  • 7
    What year did season 1 of Teen Wolf Premiere?
  • 8
    Who started the fire that burnt down the Hale house?
  • 9
    Who said “I fell in a hole”
  • 10
    Who is the true alpha?

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1617 days ago
Iam. Good. Friends with. Max cArvenr he. Is. Great actor and iam. Ethan. Is. My faverite One. On. Teen wolf Ethan is. My. Good. Friend. Of. Mine. We. Are. Good. Friends
1673 days ago
Tyler. Posey Is. My best friend. We. Worked. Together. As. Co stars. And. We. Always. Be. Friends. So. Tyler posey wAnt. Is. Like. To. Live in. Beverly hills. California. And we. Be. Friends. For. The years. Tyler. Posey is like. My. Bid. Brother. And. He. Is. In. My family and. We. Are. Family And we. Area family so. My. Faverite Is. Scott. Macall. On. Teen. Wolf my. Name Harmony. Lol
1745 days ago
Iam. Teen. Wolf. Fan I. Watch every night. And. My. Faverite is. Scott. Macall. Is. My. Friend and. We. Are friends. Forever. And. He always. Be. Dream girl. And we. Are. Co stars we. Work. Together and. Is my. Dream to meet Tyler posey. In. Person and. We can be. Friends. Forever. And. Always be. Friends. And. We. Always. Be. There. For. Each other. And. I. Love. Tyler. Posey. As. Scott. As. The. True. Alpha. On. Teen. Wolf. And. I. Tyler. Posey. Girl of. His. Dreams. Same day. I will. Be.came. Tyler posey. Wife. And. He. Willl. Be my furture. Husband.
1750 days ago
first key to deadpol was allison, then there was aiden and last keyword was lydia.