That 70's Show quiz
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That 70's Show quiz

If you're a big fan of That 70's Show this quiz is easy, if you don’t watch the show don’t even try taking it...

Question 1:Where does Donna first kisses Eric?
In the basement
On Eric's car
At the concert
At the pub

Question 2:What country is Fez from?
Puerto Rico
They never say

Question 3:At the Pricemart ball, who does Eric kiss?
Some blond girl

Question 4:Why does Hyde punch Jackie's date during Foremans' barbecue?
He used Jackie to get back at his girlfriend
He called Hyde a loser
He called Jackie a bitch
He called all Jackie's friends idiots

Question 5:Why does Eric break up with Donna?
She cheated on him
He didn't like her anymore
He loved another girl
She won't wear his promise ring

Question 6:Why were Eric, Hyde, Leo, Kelso, and Fez held in Canada?
Kelso insulted the police officers
Leo was caught with drugs
They stole beer from stores
Fez couldn't find his green card

Question 7:How is Donna called in the radio station?
Donna Girl
Hot Donna
Sexy Redhead
Girl Donna

Question 8:Where does Jackie catch Kelso cheating on her with Laurie?
She finds them kissing in Eric's kitchen
Finds them making out in the van
Catches them kissing in the basement
Laurie told Jackie everything

Question 9:How does Kelso try to win Jackie back?
Buys her a big sundae
Sings her a song playing a guitar
Writes a letter
All of the above

Question 10:Who does Donna date after Eric broke up with her?

Question 11:How does Casey impresses Red at the barbecue?
Supplied Red with beer
He carried a knife
Called Eric a loser
He hit on Kitty

Question 12:Where does Hyde learn how to dance before going to the disco?
He takes dance lessons
Practices dancing with Donna
none of the above
Kitty teaches him

Question 13:Who does Fez dances with in the disco?

Question 14:When Fez goes to visit Nina's parents, why don't they accept him as her boyfriend?
He disrespected them
They don't like his friends
He's brown and a foreigner
They don't like his accent

Question 15:At the Foremans' garage sale, what does Hyde try to sell?
chocolate pies
furniture from his old house
his clothes
"special brownies"

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