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How much do you really know about The 100? Hardcore questions about a TV-show The 100.

  • 1
    Let’s get straight to business… who was responsible for the death of Clarke’s father?
    Let’s get straight to business… who was responsible for the death of Clarke’s father?
  • 2
    Why does Clarke refuse to give Bellamy her bracelet?
  • 3
    How does Charlotte die? (season 1)

  • 4
    When video connection is established with the Ark, what does Clarke do to help Bellamy?
  • 5
    A grounder was captured and tortured on the drop ship. What was his name and who did he first tell it to?
  • 6
    Jasper was captured by the grounders. Where is he found and what is the hidden trap?

  • 7
    How does Anya die?
  • 8
    Does Lincoln survive the reaper-state?
  • 9
    How did Clarke and Bellamy reunite after Mount Weather?
  • 10
    Who kills Finn and why?

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639 days ago
please, creators of any quizes, double check your facts before you put this on the internet.
891 days ago
Number 2 is incorrect. At that point she doesn't know that Abby was responsible for her father's death. She still believes it was Wells. She refuses to take off the wristband so her mother and the ark knows she's alive
1030 days ago
question 2 is incorrect because she doesn't refuse the take her wrist band off to teach her mother a lesson. she refuses to take it off because she dose not want the the ark to think she is dead. she even says" the only way the ark is going to think i am dead is if i am dead, got it?"
1075 days ago
Number 2 was right... I think the person typed it wrong lol :/
1125 days ago
This quiz had a wrong answer I should have gotten a 100
1165 days ago
wow i love the 100 and i love my score it was so high!
1205 days ago
this is stupid it put the wrong answer in place of mine and told me the RIGHT
answer was WRONG
1237 days ago
Actually number too was right you guys just didn’t type it correctly..
1290 days ago
If you are a true fan of the show you would know that Clarke first refused to take off her bracelet because she didn't like Bellamy's idea and wanted the ark to know the Earth was survivable. After a while she decides to take it off because she wants a shot at communicating with the ark as well as wanting to get back at her mother so the answer to that is wrong.
1343 days ago
Question 2 was supposed to ask : why did Clarke decide to take of her bracelet?
1384 days ago
Number 2 question is why didn't she give it to Bellamy the answer should be this. She dosen't give it to him so her mother thinks she is alive. If the question was why did she take it off then the quiz would be right.
1416 days ago
Number two is totally wrong. She takes it off to geat back at her mother.
1480 days ago
Georgie is right. Technically both of the other answers are right. She doesnt want to follow Bellamy and then she takes it off to try to help with the radio. She also takes it off to get back at her mother. To make her feel the pain she felt when she lost her father. That question needs fixing.
2172 days ago
the answer for number 2 is wrong. Clarke takes her bracelet off to get back at her mother so she thinks Clarke is dead. Bellamy had nothing to do with it.
2214 days ago
I got them all right but fix your answers some of them are wrong